Jehovah’s Witnesses, If you have the “truth” and know it, and feel you have an urgent message to tell? ?

Jehovah’s Witnesses, If you have the “truth” and know it, and feel you have an urgent message to tell? ?
Why does the WTBS not use the TV airways? They could reach billions of people. They didn’t have TV in Jesus day, but they do now. What are the reason for not using it? Is the cost more than the WTBTS willing to pay..

I love to listen to different ministry’s on TV, I like to know what others think and so millions of others.

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Answer by Bob
The way I see it, if God was really everywhere all the time and he had a message for me, he could just tell me himself.

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14 Responses to “Jehovah’s Witnesses, If you have the “truth” and know it, and feel you have an urgent message to tell? ?”

  • Someone says:

    No more pollution of the airwaves TY

  • Lord Sesshomaru at 50! says:

    OR… Why not just Tell Your Story Walking???

  • summergal says:

    They should do it on TV I agree with you. I hate when they come to your door and expect you to convert to their religion.

  • sillygirl says:

    I think they believe that going over the same areas on their congregations territory cards is sufficient enough!

  • interested1208 says:

    There are religious channels already. Those aren’t enough? And since when would an omnipotent being need help from TV if he wanted to spread his word. He could just pre-empt all TV and talk to us, or speak in a loud voice from the heavens, or write scripture in the sky with a fiery finger…

  • freudianfate says:

    they are weird honey…they probably dont know themselves.

  • raytaylor1970 says:


    Maybe in the future on a grand scale we might use TV, I personally feel however that TV evangelism is associated with trying to extract money from people using emotion.

    We preach from “House to house” copying our first century brothers who also went from “House to House”

  • isnrblogdotcalm says:

    They used to have their own radio station, in the 30’s.

    Please don’t encourage them to put a TV show on. They would likely use up a HD channel. There goes the Beverly Hillbillies reruns, replaced by another raving delusional religious group.

    Well, at least I could shut them off.

  • worker4IAM <'>< says:

    Interesting !

    The Organization would not survive out in the light !

    They would be open to even more scrutiny then they are now !

  • Reo says:

    I know a brother who works for public relations in bethel. He told me they did have media programs on tv but the station would air it at midnight and so forth. Not real effective.

    However our ministry is carried out in nearly 100 languages and 230+ countries. if someone has the right heart condition, they’ll listen to our message no matter how it reaches them.

  • Tony Stark says:

    believe it or not, everyone does not have a tv. and believe it or not, everyone who has a tv does not have cable. so even *if* JWs had a tv channel, they would still have no idea who had a tv/cable and who didnt, so they would still have to go to everyones home to make sure everyone had a chance to hear the message. that being the case, there is no point in having a tv channel.

  • ♥some♥wanna♥know♥ says:

    Our MAIN avenue of preaching is the door-to-door work… following Jesus in that example.
    We do have a wonderful internet site, our OFFICIAL site is:
    It has many, many subjects discussed on Bible matters.

    The WBTS has, in the past, put out commercials on television… currently, there are not any airing though.

    Another official site of ours is the site that has video news releases online:

  • ♥Blessed♥ Hebrws_7:3 John_20:28 says:

    Don’t you think we have enough false prophets on tv? The “TV Evangelists” have been the more effective than any other group at disgracing Christianity and watering down the true gospel with subtle heresies!

    “But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction.” (2 Peter 2:1 KJV)

    Cry out to God, crack open your Bible, dillegently search the Scriptures, hunger after Him. Any religious leader who is not emphasising this, is likely misleading you! You don’t need any new books, you don’t have to pay for prayer, and you should be skeptical of ANYONE trying to sell you their “brand of ‘truth!'”

    Don’t EVER stop questioning religious leaders.

    Acts 17:11 – Now the Bereans were of more noble character than the Thessalonians, for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true.

    Did you catch that? The Bereans were NOBLE for questioning an APOSTLE, to see if anything he said wasn’t accurate according to GOD’s WORD!!!

    So if is noble to question an Apostle, it is ALSO noble to question the Governing Body, pope, or any other religious leader. And any religious leader telling you otherwise should be a strong warning to run the other way! Do NOT be misled!

    See also:

  • trk says:

    One, we follow Jesus example of going door to door as he instructed his disciples.

    Two, we do reach millions if not billions of people this way. There are close to 7 million witnesses worldwide in 236 lands out preaching.

    Three, not everyone in the world has a t.v. or cable. I don’t have cable, if I watch t.v., it is just a movie I rented or own.

    Four, our goal is not to find members, but to find sheep-like ones who want to study the bible. One on one is the only way to really teach someone and know if it is reaching their hearts and to be able to answer their questions.

    Five, we want to be “no part of the world”, we would not want to be associated with t.v. Evangelists, many of whom have set a bad example
    of how a Christian should act or seemed to be more about making money.

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