Jew people; If there is no hell, what keeps you from “sinning”?

Jew people; If there is no hell, what keeps you from “sinning”?
I am not saying you can’t be moral without religion, but in Judaism there are some ridiculous rules you have to follow. Like not eating bacon, not lusting, or not doing various things on the Sabbath, or not shaving your hairy temples…..(Christians are suppose to follow these too, but they mostly seem like a lazy lot….)

What keeps you from not doing these things if there is no fear of eternal suffering?
I’m not stereotyping Jew people am I? Is not what I say correct?
I don’t believe in hell. I am simply asking what is the “punishment” for sinning if there isn’t a hell. I don’t see a reason to follow those rules I listed if there is no punishment for them. Because I see no logical reason as to why they are “Bad” in the first place.
Like I said, I am not talking about killing or stealing. But these weird “sins” mentioned above.

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Answer by Bluto
Probably thier stereotypical Jewish mothers.

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6 Responses to “Jew people; If there is no hell, what keeps you from “sinning”?”

  • Chapter and Verse says:

    What’s in MY wallet. lol You guys crack me up. Srsly. Lars, right?

  • Feivel says:

    Morals. Values. Knowing what is right and wrong and having empathy for people. G-d gave us rules to live by and we try to follow those as best we can.

    Believe it or not, people will do the right thing simply because its right and not because of fear of punishment. I don’t steal…I don’t steal not because I am afraid to go to prison but because I know stealing is wrong. So….the morals and values that are taught to us and the rules G-d gave us.

  • Katie says:

    Christians talk about sinning a lot and are preoccupied by it. Jews don’t discuss quite so much, and just go about their lives mainly. I think Jews worry a lot less about sinning because living, working and loving usually fills up so much space they don’t need to fear its occurrence. Basically living their lives normally keeps them from sinning kind of like atheists and everybody else. Preoccupation with something usually increases the likelihood of its occurrence. Like the pink elephant phenomenon. If you say pink elephant to someone they’ll have the image in their mind and it’s not possible to get rid of it quite soon. My mom’s part Jewish and I’m friends with a few Jews, and I know many Christians and those are my impressions.

  • divorah says:

    The concept of ‘sin’ that you know simply doesn’t exist in Judaism. Rather, the word in the Tanach (Jewish Bible) that’s most commonly translated as ‘sin’ is an archery term meaning ‘to miss the mark’. Most often, when we “sin” we are making a mistake.

    As for why we choose to do good instead of bad without the threat of punishment, well, that’s the whole point. We are taught that we should choose to do good because it is good. When we choose to do good simply for the sake of doing good it raises us spiritually and brings us closer to HaShem. When we choose to do bad instead of good we move away from HaShem. In truth, doing good under threat of punishment lessens those acts of good.

    As for your “weird sins” – bacon is just one of countless foods that are not seen as fit for consumption according to Judaism. Controlling what we eat is a part of raising ourselves spiritually. There’s no issue with lust, lust is a healthy part of life. There’s no issue with shaving ones temples. Shabbat is our day of rest and it’s a wonderful and healthy thing to participate in.

  • Hatikvah says:

    What keeps you people from trolling? I’m not sterotyping you people am I? Is not what I say correct?
    I’m not talking about killing or stealing, but you people are certainly wierd and abnoxious!


  • bad tim says:

    surprisingly, honey, most religions don’t threaten people with eternal torment. there are better ways to convince people to be good, like building a cohesive community, which judaism excels at.

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