John Hartford – Presbyterian Guitar

John Hartford plays from his album, ‘Aereo-Plain’ – 1971, playing acoustic guitar & I took the video while driving down Piseco Lake Road on a timeless late f…
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13 Responses to “John Hartford – Presbyterian Guitar”

  • Scott Niedentohl says:

    One of my favorite Johnny tunes. Thank you.

  • Bill DeWitt says:


  • sickfreak4 says:

    What a gorgeous tune!!! I have loved this for a long time now.
    @greesnthecolour…great one for the aisle. Congrats!

  • greensthecolour says:

    @thedwork Thank you! it was perfect, indeed 🙂

  • greensthecolour says:

    I’ll be walking down the aisle to this in 12 days <3

  • blahserblah says:

    Used this in our wedding – 22 years ago this September 8th! Good friend
    played it on guitar and it was quite beautiful indeed. Thanks for putting
    it up and for the lovely video with it!

  • Redskinsforever2007 says:

    Was this drive recent, like this year or another year?

  • SoCalChunkybutt says:

    some of my favorite music in the whole world

  • thedwork says:

    @greensthecolour well that’s about as perfect as it gets. congrats!

  • cabreet says:

    Tom Wallace, I want to thank you for pointing this out. I am over 99% sure
    this version came from ‘Steam-Powered Aereo-Takes’, a 2002 CD that revisits
    the ‘Aereo-Plain’ album (which was my first exposure to Hartford).
    According to the notes, it appears that the mandolin was played by Norman

  • Tom Wallace says:

    wheres the mando from? no mando on the aeroplain original album to the best
    of my knowledge, atleast the one i know

  • Gill T says:

    I dig it deep!

  • roundr00m says:

    You’ve got the feel.

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