John Legend surprises Baptist Church in West Philly (“How I Got Over”)

John Legend shocks Calvary Baptist Church with a surprise performance of “How I Got Over” in West Philadelphia. Follow all of John Legend’s updates on Facebo…
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25 Responses to “John Legend surprises Baptist Church in West Philly (“How I Got Over”)”

  • Rhemar Pouncey says:

    John you have been blessed the the GRACE and MERCY that has been over you
    is a blessing. I just saw this and the first thing that came to my mind was
    FAVOR. I pray that the FAVOR of GOD continues to be showered in your life.

  • Jethaniel Nixon Sr. says:

    Hey man, giveing back is what it’s all about. It isn’t about money allbthe
    time. GOD saw that just as equal as paying a tithe. The gift you offered.
    And you kept it professional. Live that good brother.

  • Mychaeltodd Robinson says:

    My soul looks back…………..thank you!

  • RicRugerFlare says:

    “A lot of the greatest soul singers in American history started in the
    black church.” It’s ironic, because that’s why I feel singers aren’t as
    skilled and powerful as they use too.

  • Barbara Johnson says:

    I didn’t read the comments before i wrote my comment so i had to send
    another one here goes. I am finding that fb is a place for sad and unhappy
    people to vent themself. I am so sorry for one that have nothing good to
    say about anything. I believe that GOD loves us one. And all no matter how
    we feel about one or another we all have to eat to live breath to live and
    one day die so if anyone that is human is any difference please write or
    place them on tellie so we will have soomething new to learn about

  • Stanley Cole says:

    Im not sure about artists and contractual cans and cants,but I think its
    nice to go back to your roots ,not to say “ah ha I made it & you didnt” but
    show love,respect ,appreciation for their support share knowledge & spark
    the community with integrity

  • xonstage says:

    6:26 John Canada Terrell?? “No, my brother…”

  • Kairi Creighton says:

    My church!!!!

  • MediaConnUK says:

    45 people don’t know nothin’ about this!!!

  • Mrtwothousand Smutwell says:

    Agreed!! It’s like Older folks treat Christianity like some Cult! But it’s
    all good! were all god’s Children!!

  • Jamee Greene says:

    I totally agree with youngjaki. Religious rhetoric and self-righteous
    spirits are driving multitudes away from instead drawing to Him. Sad,
    really sad.

  • musicteachjw says:

    Bless him.

  • mookbear2001 says:

    no need of commentin 2 ppl who dont take the time 2 LISTEN..when used the
    term “perform” he was talking about being in town to “perform” AT THE
    ARENA…not church….had “they” listened” before speaking, you wouldnt
    have had 2 become upset…..let it ride….let it ride…..

  • Softly Whispers says:


  • Softly Whispers says:

    seemed more like a “performance” then true worship JMO. The fact that he
    sang then bounced immediately sort of supports it was just a performance.

  • Chrispine Mwangoma says:

    To me dats kul not many celebs wud do singn in church! t!

  • TQfabulous says:

    I appreciate that John felt moved to sing unto the Lord in this place, at
    this time and share his talent with the congregation and us. Each of us can
    receive what was offered, bless God and hopefully be inspired to praise God
    likewise. Thank you, john and keep it up. Now, I’m going to view some more
    of his gospel videos. Be blessed, everyone!

  • 2008topshelf says:

    Man, my girl woulda leapt the stage and totally embarrassed herself, me –
    and the lord. I’m so glad she had to work that day.

  • gallen0769 says:

    I am sure at one time or another you may have showed up at church and not
    had the right intentions or been in the right frame of mind. But then again
    some of you may have been born all perfect and self righteous. Man some
    church people kill me. Yes I said church! Everyone in the church isn’t
    saved. That’s one of the reasons why so many churches are empty today. Part

  • Steven Gerrard says:

    I think not a lot of people nowadays go to church just because of opinions
    like yours. The whole point of religion is to make us feel better and make
    better decisions. We need more people to do what John Legend as music is
    what can make our souls purer, not just shallow preachings.

  • gallen0769 says:

    I didn’t read all of the comments from this performance that John gave but
    was the only thing most people criticizing got from this was that he said
    he wanted to do something he hasn’t done in awhile which was perform in
    church? He isn’t the first performer to do this and certainly will not be
    the last. Maybe his choice of words was wrong but I am praying his spirit
    was in the right place and that was to give something back to a place other
    than money that gave him so much. Part 1

  • kuntreegurl79 says:

    Tears @ Nichole Foxx*s comment! Teaaars,lol!

  • gallen0769 says:

    We are so busy looking at people’s imperfections and criticizing them when
    they walk in. Instead we should be holding their hands and saying its okay.
    If God can fix me he can certainly fix you. Listen to the song that John
    sung and not his performance. Maybe it was his testimony that morning.
    Those are just my two cents.

  • gallen0769 says:

    Maybe that morning when he gave his performance some person sitting in the
    pews got something from that song other than the fact that John showed up
    and did a song at my church. We as Blacks concentrate on the wrong things
    in life. That’s one of the many reasons why we as a people are so divided.
    Let God use who he wants to use in order to touch the people he needs to
    touch. Concentrate on your imperfections and not others. Part 2

  • bboybram says:

    I’m moved by what you said. Oh sorry you didn’t want me to get moving
    right. *self-aggrandizement. How about improving yourself and spread love.
    Instead of loving yourself and spreading yourself.

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