Kenneth Anger – Lucifer Rising (1970-80)

” Lucifer Rising is a short film by director Kenneth Anger. The film was completed in 1972 but was only widely distributed in 1980. Anger began filming aroun…
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25 Responses to “Kenneth Anger – Lucifer Rising (1970-80)”

  • Ana de Macedo says:

    “The montage of hermetic symbols becomes first dreamlike, then menacing;
    centuries of mystical thought are distilled into a series of voyeuristic
    fantasies, a kinky #psychodrama backed by the #Carnival strains of a
    maleficent calliope. Anger intended #Lucifer Rising to stand as a form of
    #ritual marking the death of the old religions like Judaism and
    Christianity, and the ascension of the more #nihilistic age of Lucifer.”
    #KennethAnger #avantgarde 

  • LightFly2013 says:

    Bizzare. But interesting how deep into Crowley Jimmy Page was even once
    buying his home. What I wonder is why modern occultists so fixated on
    ancient Egypt? What it is about Egypt? Like why not ancient Greece or
    India, etc.

  • blacksabbath666420 says:

    king crimson would have been a good canidate for the soundtrack

  • immortalknighttemplar says:

    Soundtrack takes me away to I don’t know where. This is a piece of
    avant-garde work that only Kenneth Anger could do. Saturated with occult,
    Egyptian symbolism secretly showing deeper meanings that only the initiate
    can understand. Long live Jimmy Page. Magnificent ethereal theater of
    mysticism. Me like a lot!

  • Tim van nieuwenhove says:

    Hail Satan, Hail Son of Horus

  • Forthkage says:

    this is crap… makes me love Jesus Christ even more!!!!!!!!!

  • Dakota McCullough says:

    There is no God, then there is no Lucifer.

  • Official Gary Graves Videos says:

    saw this during Film I in college. Our teacher made a feature length fim
    about John Waters who was highly influenced by Kenneth Anger. He also read
    a letter to class that was written to him by Anger who threatened to sue
    his balls off should he use any images/sounds from his films on the Waters
    documentary. Somethin about a book review on Hollywood Babylon II that
    Anger didn’t cotton to. Interesting guy.

  • Alex Yang says:

    hail lucifer and fuck jesus!!

  • Visual Thelema says:
  • Ric Link says:

    Bunch uh Damned Freaks ! That’s what that is. Freakin Morons.

  • Void Asteroid says:

    this is one of the best short films I ever seen in my life… but man, what
    kind of crack were they smoking?

  • Xiphias Press says:

    Kenneth Anger – Lucifer Rising

    ” Lucifer Rising is a short film by director Kenneth Anger. The film was
    completed in 1972 but was only widely distributed in 1980. Anger began
    filming around 1966, hiring a young musician named Bobby Beausoleil to act
    and compose the soundtrack. The film was abandoned in 1967 because Anger
    claimed the film footage had been stolen by Beausoleil. (Beausoleil and
    others said that Anger had simply spent all the money for the film). Anger
    then used some of the existing footage in another short film, Invocation of
    My Demon Brother. Beausoleil was convicted of killing Gary Hinman under the
    orders of Charles Manson in 1970. Anger began filming again several years
    later, with British singer Marianne Faithfull appearing in the film. Jimmy
    Page was brought in to record the soundtrack, but after he had a falling
    out with Anger, he was replaced by Beausoleil, who wrote and recorded the
    music in prison.

    * Kenneth Anger – The Magus
    * Bobby Beausoleil – Himself
    * Donald Cammell – Osiris
    * Marianne Faithfull – Lilith
    * Myriam Gibril – Isis
    * Chris Jagger – Man in Yellow Tunic
    * Jimmy Page – Man Holding Stella of Revelation “

  • MasterofPlay7 says:

    I don’t get it, what is he trying to convey? Crowley obviously is not evil
    and so does lucifer…. I think all he wanted is to scared people off from
    the occult…. anyways, all the symbolism are there but don’t get what’s he
    trying to say….

  • Leonardo Amaral says:

    i tought this soundtrack was from jimmy page.

  • PinyTenis7 says:

    Absolutely wonderful short film. Tripped my mind a bit.

  • 1776AmericaFirst says:

    This music sounds similar to the theme music in Phantasm

  • Ricky Aranha says:

    enjoy : )

  • Charleston Jew says:

    hail SATAN!

  • Brett Fairchild says:

    Did anyone notice the Jimmy Page cameo?

  • B. Taylor says:

    oh fuck yes. THANK YOU for uploading this.

  • MEKON91 says:

    i’ve been thinking, is there any porn like this?

  • dedseason says:

    I’m just here because of the deftones lol

  • shiningwanderer says:

    Wow! Thanks for posting! I haven’t seen this in years. Also, thank you so
    much for filling us in on the fascinating backstory.

  • Jason Richey says:

    I dnt think anyone truly knows what this is about exept the ppl involved in
    making it. It does seem to be infuenced by the dark side with alot of help
    with psycidelics LSD, mesciline ect….

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