Larry Wright on CNN with Christiane Amanpour on Scientology Inc ~ A Crime syndicate

Larry Wright on CNN with Christiane Amanpour on Scientology Inc ~ A Crime syndicate

I uploaded this CNN show which aired last year because it needs to be viewed with a fresh pair of eyes. Christiane Amanpour of CNN does a probing interview o…
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17 Responses to “Larry Wright on CNN with Christiane Amanpour on Scientology Inc ~ A Crime syndicate”

  • SurvivingScientology says:

    Christiane Amanpour does a probing interview on Larry Wright while the
    Church uses inflammatory and incendiary rhetoric. Watch the announcement
    “The War is Over ?” Always at War. Them vs US. Scientology Inc is at
    constant war with the press, journalists, TV, social media, Governments,
    Intelligence Organizations, American Psychiatric Association, all of
    Psychiatry, all of Psychology, all of Psycho-Analysis,
    all critics, all ex-scientolgists, all Ex-Sea org, all 25,000 of them who
    fled, all whistleblowers, and all the beautiful women auditioned for Tom
    Cruise who tell all…..

  • boeingdriver29 says:

    Tom Cruise is a complete moron!

  • Anette Iren Johansen says:

    People deserve to know how Scientology paid its way to become a recognized
    tax-exempt religion. Larry Wright has done a great job.

  • Dave Stewart says:

    I notice she said “the church claims millions of members” and those numbers
    weren’t challenged. It might give some people the wrong impression.

  • qwerty says:

    Best way Hubbard’s alter ego, the CofS, could ‘reform’ would be for it to
    burn all his works and start again – first off donating all their
    ill-gotten resources to charities. So there LRH! Compassion is the real
    truth, not Xenu, engrams and thetan superpowers…

  • SurvivingScientology says:

    It was broadcast about 1 year ago at the time of the release of the book,
    where Larry Wright was interviewed by major media on his book Tour. (He did
    a lot of interviews)

  • Patricia Wolford says:

    Larry Wright is a brave hero.

  • ISIS72 says:

    Sci suggests all the claims of abuse and fraud are all lies created by
    bitter ex members, so fine then, have them investigated by the F.B.I. if
    there is nothing to hide ? No smoke without fire in my experience…and
    there is a LOT of smoke right now. Religion + HUUUUUGE amounts of money =

  • device says:

    Thanks, darlin’!

  • Sarah James says:

    Mescavige’s Scientology has been the beneficiary of the laws of this great
    country. Miscavige believes he is above the law. Big mistake. The IRs made
    him a steward of sorts but he became an evil dictator. The human abuse
    crimes of Micavige are unfolding. Miscavige’s misfeasance.

  • davidenespana says:

    Eyes Wide Shut!

  • LeftyBlue says:

    Scientology’s description of “Going Clear” could also be used to describe
    “Dianetics” (sans the “anti-scientology” part). Their description of “Going
    Clear” reads: [the book] is so ludicrous, it belongs in a supermarket
    tabloid. The book is an error-filled, unsubstantiated, bigoted
    [anti-scientology] book”. Sounds like “Dianetics” to me 🙂

  • hardworkingtaxpayer says:

    Such a well spoken gentleman

  • Sarah James says:

    Lawrence Wright was more than fair to the Miscavige scientology brand.
    David Miscavige had a big win when the IRS turned their backs and allowed
    scientology to become a “church.” The problem for David Miscavige as I see
    it, is he believes he is king of the world. From what I can tell David, you
    have never played by the rules and you have never cared to work for the
    greater good of anything or anyone. “Disconnection is scientology in
    action.” David Miscavige what have you done?

  • device says:

    When was this first broadcast, Karen?

  • baddogonline says:

    This is a cult for the Liberals. So, I support it! Anything to take these
    idiots out of the political game is good for America! Democrats either
    want to save the world, or throw the baby out with the bathwater. We don’t
    need these control freaks in charge of us. Communes and Communists are bad
    for the world. How many people need to die under the hammer and sickle?
    Mao was a psychopathic murder; but, Obama supporters still read his little
    red book. BTW, Liberal Democrat-Bill Clinton took a huge contribution from
    DM, and gave them the tax exempt status. So, keep it going… Pray to the
    extraterrestrial God, Xenu! He will come and get you if you don’t give DM

  • Helmut Trekcan says:

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