Leah Remini’s Scientology War with Kirstie Alley — I’d Rather Kill Her with Kindness

Ex-Scientologist Leah Remini’s taking the high road after Kirstie Alley called her a repulsive “bigot” on the radio — telling TMZ, she only wishes the best …

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25 Responses to “Leah Remini’s Scientology War with Kirstie Alley — I’d Rather Kill Her with Kindness”

  • Courtney Lowrie says:

    i always thought this woman was so sexi 

  • Ashley Lynn says:

    Aww I love Remini, she’s such a sweetheart! And i’m glad that she left that
    weird ass scientology shit. lol

  • DxRxAxMxA says:

    I wanna watch the King of Queens lol

  • AnimalloverAmanda says:

    Shes such a beautiful Lady, good for you Remini for not going to Kirsty
    Alleys low level.

  • newera5 says:

    Kirstie is ugly 

  • Bobby Ewing says:

    Kirstie Alley is a skank fuck her………

  • Celestino Magana says:

    I grew up watching her on King of Queens and I never seen this sweet side
    of her here. She’s Looking Good!

  • Arwa NayNay says:

    aww, look at her… so nice 

  • StephenAndrew777 says:

    Whoever is naming these videos is borderline retarded.

  • LeahMorrisonin2003 says:

    All Leah’s are kind!

  • Anthony Ha says:

    I would fuck the shit out of her.

  • saintgeorge67 says:

    WeirdTology …..

  • Vieweriful says:

    that guy asking for autograph is obviously going to post on ebay.

  • Mohammad Al-Serhani says:

    sooooooo sweeet 

  • Slap Stick says:

    So, being honest and asking questions about one’s religion makes you a
    ‘bigot’???? By the way, shame on Stern for letting that slide. That
    disgusting skunk (Alley) never mentioning how a few months ago she attacked
    Remini on twitter and other bullshit. I mean, show some fucking
    dignity…disgusting animal. 

  • Kimberly Jett says:

    drama drama drama lol


    Jennifer lopez’s twin

  • SteveFuks says:

    oh Carey 🙁 i miss you

  • Rudolf Vizi says:

    Yeah …fuckin scientology and we fuckin drive the latest S Mercedes in
    heaven …pfff …i can t belive how hypocryts these sick brained humans
    are…listen to that…scientology …phhhahahaha…i d better embrace the
    Minions man …

  • Smitten Kitten says:

    Scientologist seem like stuck up, bitchy, assholes who think their better
    than everyone else….

  • Joseph Elmore says:

    TMZ guy is wrong. Alley was on Howard Stern and actually said she hasn’t
    talked to Leah in years wishes her well and holds no grudge about her
    leaving Scientology. Alley did go on to say by generalizing people that are
    bigoted towards others over race, sex, and religion are disgusted people.
    I’m not sure of her exact quotes and I’ve listened to sterns interview of
    alley live earlier this week. My point is if I’m right about this TMZ just
    trying to start a cat fight with misplaced words. 

  • Garrett Lange says:

    Kirstie Alley what a wise ass… Maybe therapy will help this ditzzy

  • MassiveAttackHD says:

    She is beautiful. Age hasn’t effected her much.

  • Katie A says:

    There was an add for Scientology before this

  • Austin Khadem says:


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