“Leavin On My Mind” By Jessy Dixon

my favorite song by him … jessy dixon gaithers christian religious god jesus spiritual

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25 Responses to ““Leavin On My Mind” By Jessy Dixon”

  • dog30ful says:

    may god bless you you have a wonderful voice


    What a comfort to hear this song.
    I bless the Lord
    R J- Kenya

  • LiiIpo says:

    OH I love this song, & Jessy Dixon sings it so well.

  • torn80s says:

    Jessie my brother in Christ. I can’t wait to meet you. Gotta see Jesus first and I know you’ll want to see Him first also. What a reunion that will be when we’re all together just flat out rejoicing in the LORD. And when I get my new glorified body with my new glorified vocal chords, we can all sing to the Lord in the most awesome Hallelujah chorus that there will ever be. I have loved Gaither Home Coming since the day I was born again, which was Jan 25-2000. What a Day That Will Be! PRAISE GOD.

  • divagirl0177 says:

    love this song–it’s speaks of how im feeling:)


    I’ve got the CD with this song on it, and I’ve lost count of how many times I listen to Jesse sing this song; and get the same feeling as if I heard it for the first time. Jesse certainly knows how to command a song!!

  • jarbon5 says:

    Wow! What more needs to be said?

  • jhtayloradams says:

    Beautiful job – so simple yet powerful.

  • hoover4000 says:

    this paticular clip i posted with the interview at the begining is from The Best Of Jessy Dixon. But the actual performance is from the gaither video “Feelin At Home”

  • llyrehs22 says:

    from what video is this?? i’m starting to see all of jesse dixon’s performance.. 🙂 He’s great and everytime he sings a song, he really do it well. Praise God for such a good singer and writer. And it through his music that we learn more of how great our God is. Thank you so much for the upload. 🙂

  • Foxyarse2 says:

    Great singer

  • kevenlode says:

    He is a wery nice man, He was so nice to talk with when i met him

  • pickering0173 says:

    Absolutely brilliant. Beat that.

  • antreese says:

    i love this song when my cousin sings it!

  • sherishay says:

    Old time hymns are the best!

  • sherishay says:

    Praise God…I’m leaving all my troubles to Jesus..all i got is leaving on my mind!

  • uisibor says:

    You are healed already my dear friend. Believe for a manifestation. Praying for you and also thanking God for the joy that awaits us on the other side of time.

  • gv1967 says:

    I will pray for you, my friend. Believe in God and God’s plan for you will be the best! Be well!

  • rexhickey says:

    For the better part of a year and a half, I have been battling cancer.
    I seem to be in remission, but, every once in awhile a blip comes up on a test or procedure.
    God has taken such good care of me so far.
    On days that I may feel my weakest and my worst, this song plays over and over in my mind.
    I believe I am going to be healed, but, the alternative ain’t bad.

  • ansajull says:

    WOW – this was the best i ever seen!!

  • Astrid270718 says:

    Very touching,Jesse!

  • kaykay01010 says:

    I want to listen to this song all day, and it is so touching as i’m brought to tears by the words and I receive encouragement also.

  • hoover4000 says:

    So I guess I should be lookin for a better place to live
    But I cant seem to get excited about this world and what it can give
    I could care less if I could buy it all
    With a solitary dime. See what good would a world do me, with leavin on my mind.

    lately all i’ve got is leavin on my mind
    seems that’s all i’m thinkin about
    most of the time, soon and very soon i’ll leave my troubles far behind. All i’m gettin lately, is leavin on my mind.

  • hoover4000 says:

    this old house i’m livin in
    you know it’s needin some repair
    the windows and the shutters
    are lettin in the cold, cold air
    i said to myself i’m gonna fix em’
    when i can get the time
    but all i’m gettin lately
    is leavin on my mind

    lately all i’ve got is leavin on my mind
    seems that’s all i’m thinkin about
    most of the time, soon and very soon i’ll leave my troubles far behind. All i’m gettin lately, is leavin on my mind.

  • bahamas1946 says:

    I wonder if someone would please provide the lyrics for this song. Thanks

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