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We all try to make things happen in our lives that we romantisize….. This video is a reality check, and spiritually slaps you out of a funk… As he does more often then not, this is one of the best of Jakes, and it has continued to strengthen me. I hope it helps to strengthen you as well, because I ask in His name, that it be so…. amen, and enjoy…

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24 Responses to “Let It Go, TD Jakes”

  • Boanerges7 says:

    I think you have taken this video out of its intended context, and what it is actually addressing, instead you are building a strawman, or iterating non sequiturs….


    @Boanerges7. I know that conspiracy theories are common, be it the assassination of Julius Caesar, Pearl Harbor, or the Apollo moon landing. However, perhaps you should learn that the 9/11 hijackers were taking flying lessons in this country in 2,000. George Bush was not president. Hell, the election had not even taken place yet. Maybe your insane left-wing ideology is something that you should “let go of” After all, God surely does not endorse ignorance.

  • hispuregarden says:

    Many, many more people need to listen to this! Now-less than 10,000 hits–this needs to go viral!!!

  • 7drakkar1 says:

    I believe that The Bishop is only interpreting what is already written in the Bible. He is not contradicting himself. He knows the MYSTERY of GOD is far beyond our humanistic understanding. Therefore he relays the message that is at hand. It is not up to him to make anyone understand anything otherwise.That is up to the listener him/herself.

  • Boanerges7 says:

    I agree with that completely Lazarus….

  • Lazarusrizing says:

    @Kelly. I don’t know if I can answer that question yet. I haven’t come to a full understanding. I acknowledge that Jakes is human and it’s not fair to demand he say perfect things all the time. But I do know that we should not forget the bible, and we should be clear that what Bishop Jakes says is in line with that. Blessings.

  • kellykiwifaith says:

    Lazarusrizing u have brought up a point that I have thought about every now and then,but chosen to ignore.Only every now and then something in TD Jakes message will stand out, and will go against what he has preached in another message. Some of his sentences seem to contradict themselves. It has in no way put me off him, but like you said, it is worth noting… only picked up by the keen listeners. Here’s my question…can only CERTAIN things happen for a reason, the rest just be “part of life?”

  • Dani86Pink says:

    That is so true. You can’t make someone stay with you that’s not meant for you. If God made it come to pass for you and that person to be together it will just happen. If you have to struggle to have it , get it, or keep it, it’s not for you. I learned that not too long ago.This is helping me out SO much in my situation. 2:13-5:40. Nothing just happens. Good or Bad. It’s all for a reason.

  • Boanerges7 says:

    I appreciated the conversation Lazarus… I look at it this way, they all miss the mark at one point or another… I just glean that which is good, and leave the rest… Blessings my friend…

  • Lazarusrizing says:

    Boanerges, I agree there are things that we don’t understand- and can’t understand. That’s why we have faith. But I find that now I am beginning to wonder about Bishop Jakes. It’s the preacher I am questioning here, not my God. While I could chalk all of this up to the man being mortal and flawed himself- and I would- but something here is bothering me about these two different statements. But thank you for discussing it with me. Blessings.

  • Boanerges7 says:

    I get your point now…. Not everything can be explained in our finite ability to understand. We don’t even use the full capacity of our brains, so lack of comprehension is definately an issue for us. YHWH being soveriegn wants to utilize these instances for oue building up in character. See below….

  • Boanerges7 says:

    I do believe that in our fallen Adamic nature, we are incomplete, and lack of foresight is one of the penalties we suffer. I believe in our finite state, yes there are things we will not be able to comprehend, but when we see Him, those things will be made evident. We must view all things in life through the eyes of faith, and firmly grasp that YHWH is in control. I think they do happen for a reason, but our focus should be on our reactions, and not the things…..

  • Lazarusrizing says:

    I don’t believe 9/11 was a diversion either. In fact, I am considering very strongly that it was an inside job. Furthermore, it is one more milestone to what I believe is the coming of the New World Order and the advent of the Anti-Christ. But that’s neither here nor there… I’m discussing something very specific about Jakes. Why would Jakes say in one sermon that nothing just happens and then in another sermon very clearly he indicates that some times things just happen?

  • Lazarusrizing says:

    I’m not sure I understand your explanation. Either things happen for a reason or they don’t. Jakes totes both explanations. What about the meaning of “The rain falls on the just and the unjust.” Doesn’t this indicate that not everything has an explanation?

  • Boanerges7 says:

    Me myself, I don’t believe 9/11 was a diversion, but was created by, and or definately supported by GWB, and that Administration. The mind blowing part of the whole thing is that he has, and at that point as well had complete indifference to the lives that were lost, and the blood that is on his hands….

  • Boanerges7 says:

    I believe from the prospective of the Father, Nothing Just Happens. We are taught to weep with those who weep, and rejoice with those who rejoice. Whether we abase, or abound, to be content. We can’t lose site of the fact that His ULTIMATE will must be fulfilled, and we in our finite abilities can’t see past those challenges, and things like 9/11 just don’t make sense. He calls those whom He calls, and there is no resisting that. How it looks to us, in comparison, can only be subjective…

  • Lazarusrizing says:

    In retrospect, I wonder about his repeated assertion that “nothing just happens…” Because in another YouTube sermon that I have called, “You Don’t Have To Take This” he talks about 9/11 and how we’ve been taught that life makes sense. He said the people in 9/11 didn’t die for a reason; sometimes things just happen. He quotes the bible, saying, “The rain falls on the just and the unjust.” I think this is worth noting. I love the Bishop, but I wonder which is it?

  • Boanerges7 says:

    We all live to serve…. I am glad it helped you get through. It did just the same for me… Shalom!

  • Lazarusrizing says:

    Thank you for this post. It was a comfort for me. God bless.

  • Boanerges7 says:

    Thank you annie… I have another one to post from this series called “Favor Ain’t Fair”… keep a look out for it. It will bless you as well…

  • anniedove says:

    Thank you for sharing this message. Whenever I hear a message from TD Jakes, it is timely for me, a word in due season.

    Lord bless you!

  • ntiyiso1 says:


  • Boanerges7 says:


  • Dimesuperstar03 says:

    I was truly blessed by this message.

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