Louise Patterson Holy Convocation COGIC Church God Christ GE

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COGIC Mother Louise Patterson Womens Day Holy Ghost Convocation Church of God in Christ Womens Day sanctified praise break dance Ge Patterson CH Mason Charles Blake full gospel baptist apostolic revival broadcast Jesus Christ christian religious Assembly witness power pentecostal ministry

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25 Responses to “Louise Patterson Holy Convocation COGIC Church God Christ GE”

  • TheBishopCJ says:

    Say It Evangelist!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TheBishopCJ says:


  • KKing says:


  • devantecooley says:

    God bless you sir!!!!

  • daytonohiofellowship says:

    We said, i feal bad about the post so I removed it 😉

    God Bless.

  • devantecooley says:

    i think she was bringing the message so before she began she testified about her husband GE Patterson and his battle with cancer because this woman is still going through many trials and pains its best to pray theyre not praising her theyre praising God for what hes done 4 her as for the clown well each to his own opinion LOL

  • ysphukinw says:


  • prettylady390 says:

    I love you sister Patterson from Sherion your mall friend.

  • ElderPinkerton says:

    YES! I loved your comment. The Missionaries, and Church Mothers wear winter white in the winter, and bright white in the summer. And you can’t touch them!
    They rock it.

  • fareel2368 says:

    studyjesus are u church of christ cause u sound like it. You don’t even understand that scripture you wrote. Women were just being allowed in the church back when Paul said that and they had to learn in silence cause they didn’t know much about the word of God. Jesus came to set the captives free and in him there is neither male nor female all are ONE in Christ. You must be COC cause u people are so far behind scriptually and u refuse those who know more than u which is sad

  • ElderCharlesWestJr says:

    Woe be unto you that put your mouth on the women of God and in Jesus name we commisson the hand of God on you

  • JosephMckenn says:

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    These Services Are Mind Blowing!

  • letthewordsayso says:

    If she was wearing yellow, brown and blue who cares! That’s part of the problem now. Folk caught up in non-sense. Just make sure your hearts are white and pure that’s what matters! geez people.

  • stevejohnplatt says:

    Bless your figment of your imaginations….. horse shit.

  • Herinchrist says:

    White is for purity and unity of the women in the Body of Saints… This is what we wear! Does it matter.. God is God and in control. White in Church can be worn anytime, any season.

  • Christopher8002000 says:

    WOW, much respect for Mother Patterson. She was just honest. I love it.

  • marqueshr7 says:

    Fall color + uniform = WINTER WHITE, as in what she was wearing. LOL

  • marqueshr7 says:

    Fall color + uniform = WINTER WHITE, as in what she was wearing. LOL

  • marqueshr7 says:

    Wow you are hilarious if she was talking about Bishop Patterson obviously this was a while ago. It isnt that serious- white isnt a rule its just how the women uniform themselves on their special day. She wore “winter white.” Alot of people back in the day only had a few things in their wardrobe leaving them with few choices. White reps purity- “pure white” is still worn all year long out of tradition but it doesnt matter. Apparently no one was offended but you, so get a hobby and get over it.

  • Tinyone5000 says:

    LOL!! My question and comment may not be something you’re concerned with, but nonetheless, it is a legitimate one for those who’re wondering. Obviously you have no answer, which is why you went around my SIMPLE question. So continue to make excuses for someone who clearly broke a rule of those which she represent. And telling me how to comment isn’t wise either.

    Marqueshr7, I don’t think the season makes any difference.

  • marqueshr7 says:

    um ok…I just get annoyed with people commenting and critiquing everything instead of listening to the messages.

  • theevang1 says:

    Instead of commenting on what she is wearing my beloved, listen to her message God is talking to YOU

  • theevang1 says:

    Marqueshr7, Son of the most high please rmember who you are and what you stand for, Love in Christ be patient with Tinyone5000 He or she will grow in the Lord

  • marqueshr7 says:

    no homo but my grandma used to do the same, um white is not a fall color…she dress’ well so she wore the right thing for November…the fall which was the season this was in.

  • Tinyone5000 says:

    My comment was in reference to her not following the obvious protocol that was set forth by the heads (women) of that denomination.

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