“Lucy in the sky with diamonds= Lucier”?

“Lucy in the sky with diamonds= Lucier”?

“Lucy in the sky with diamonds= Lucier”?
A bornagain quote by our favorite bornagain……drum roll……..the angry glenn beck. Don’t rat on me glen. No no brother, its not lucier. The song was inspired by his daughters coloring work. Im still waiting for someone to smash my head with that shovel.

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10 Responses to ““Lucy in the sky with diamonds= Lucier”?”

  • Dogstar Risen on the 3rd Day says:

    I think it would be more accurate to say that that song was inspired by a boat load of drugs.

  • J C says:

    You’re an odd duck, ain’tcha?

  • BenOni "Darkness" says:

    They thought it meant LSD not lucifer.

  • Question Everything says:

    +1 For beatles.

  • That guy that did that thing says:

    Such old news, why bring that chestnut up? Do people even remember the Beatles?

  • Galaxy Wonderer says:

    well in seeing how diamonds do have evil behind them i can see what your header statement means but the rest i am looking over my head but under the Heavens

  • Jim Derp says:

    You were able to stop snacking on babbies long enough to type in that rant? Wow! I is impressed!

  • WellTraveledProg says:

    Speculation has ranged from a picture his daughter drew, to “LSD.”

    But no, not “Lucifer.”


  • Lynn says:

    Hint: Angry Glen Beck is to “born again,” as Osama Bin Laden was to “Happy American.”

    If you want an intelligent conversation, you’ll have better luck with talking to your wall – at least your wall is more reasonable and real.

    Oh, and going with you’re more reasonable then that person, just so you know (I’m not insulted, but it’s nice to know how to spell words right, when we tend to think we’re sure and the spell-checker is a bit off – I know “gungho” is a real word, despite what Yahoo’s spell-checker says lol) “born again,” in any form, (adjective or noun), really is two words.

    Angry Glen Beck? I keep working toward he/she/it needing a new screen name, once he/she/it is kicked off with this account. (Yahoo keeps telling me, if I report too often…., but hey, if he/she/it would stop harassing all of us, I won’t report as often. lol)

  • calmlikeatimebomb says:

    I don’t like Glen Beck but if he even made such a claim; Someone needs to check his bodily fluids all of them for drugs.

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