Marilyn Manson 12-Anti-Christ Superstar

Marilyn Manson 12-Anti-Christ Superstar

Anti-Christ Superstar Marilyn Manson 1996.

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25 Responses to “Marilyn Manson 12-Anti-Christ Superstar”

  • Caleb lorette says:

    why do religious people listin to mansons song if they just hate on them
    its stuiped 

  • 12Apenhoofd says:

    Religion was created to quell the people. Look at christianity, all the
    rich people got everything and all what they did was lying to the poor
    people… But I have to admid, it wasn’t a bad idea! Who doesn’t want to
    come up with an idea that can make millions of dollars?

  • worrier heart says:

    God exists more than people themselves and all things you can see! 0.o god
    created us ,lucifer satans,angels and even dajjal (antichrist) himself
    ……….god created everything…………god isn’t like us and nothing
    is like him………….. but how do you say this?

  • TheSkyHMaestro says:

    Oh just shut up, you son of a motherless goat. Christian Supremacist
    scumbag fuckbucket I’d say the same thing to a Muslim Supremacist scumbag
    fuckbucket, a Jewish Supremacist scumbag fuckbucket, a Hindu scumbag
    fuckbucket, a Buddhist supremacist scumbag fuckbucket, etcetera. .

  • Nerves1611 says:

    this is the best joke I’ve ever read! men and women can have hair like fuck
    they want! (I’m a girl and I’ve short hair) we can believe in what we fuck
    want and we can shape our body as we want! MANSON FOR PRESIDENT! Kill the

  • Szczęsny Potocki says:


  • Abby Hantsbarger says:

    The person’s too busy ranting and praying for our souls to head bang. God
    may not accept him if he conforms to this “satan worshipping music”. XD lol

  • Abby Hantsbarger says:

    Do me a favor, your behavior is just a reason why there is no savior. Let’s
    face it, there’s a side of you that knows you’re a failure, lives for the
    danger, feels like an enemy but looks like a stranger. Thank you. End of
    conversation. :3

  • Tugba Kaplan says:

    i want meet to marilyn manson

  • Vincent Thibault says:

    God Eat God – Marilyn Manson

  • blizzardballz says:

    prove it

  • Diego Fernandez says:

    hahahah oh wait, you’re serius, let laugh even louder HAHAHAHAHA

  • Mauricio Aguirre says:

    wow a true Christian, called commiekiller…

  • Sarah Wilson says:

    How can we listen if he doesn’t speak.

  • Danton Brasil says:

    what is that song from the introduction?

  • Nathan Robb says:

    make up does not ruin the body. where in the bible does it say wearing
    make-up for either sex is wrong? Jesus is oftentimes depicted with long
    hair- and there is most certainly nothing in the bible against that. how
    people dress themselves is a form of expression. it’s a statement. I do not
    agree with this man’s lifestyle, but the things you mentioned have nothing
    to do with the things he does that are sin.

  • DaddiveDC CimyCL says:

    name musci at 0:6?

  • Dave Canals says:

    I’m sorry “CommieKiller395”, but I’m afraid that you’re going to have a
    hard time finding people that will take you seriously.

  • Angel Gonzalez says:

    You sir are a faggot.

  • Antichrist_Superstar says:

    “The lord” doesn’t exist, and no one here cares about what you think “your
    lord” cares or doesn’t care about.

  • SNAKEartist66613 says:

    well he can suck my dick and make me happy, fuck you and political run
    meaning of life, I don’t give a shit , and you say I spread hate, hahaha
    comie killer, his name even spreads hate, well im a communist so come and
    fucking kill me you cunt

  • Shinji Hirako says:

    Yeah bro your right you know. Thanks for showing me the light.

  • Shinji Hirako says:

    Hey, I don’t think God would approve of this hate. Spread peace, not
    fear-mongering. On Judgement Day, the Lord will accept you into his
    everlasting paradise of happiness.

  • SNAKEartist66613 says:

    Don’t pray for me you fucking control freak, fuck you and your media let
    your no existent “lord ” make you work and fit the stereotype. you are weak
    and we are strong enough to stand up for what we see to be bullshit

  • Kanvox says:

    God doesnt exist kthxbye

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