Mark Lowry Hollywood – Hollywood song & denomination joking

New video:

Start of Hollywood show and funny denominational remarks.

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26 Responses to “Mark Lowry Hollywood – Hollywood song & denomination joking”

  • lgp1987 says:

    Oy vay! Yet again I have to explain myself…I was asking someone else, whoever it was that posted he WAS gay, when that happened. I know he’s not gay…I know the guy I can assure you he’s not!! Now please get my comment back to a good standing!!!

  • carrolc1 says:

    your wrong… They dont think that.. Where ido you get your info

  • carrolc1 says:

    oh my gosh hush .. He is not gay

  • bethdeesb says:

    Please, can’t we hear the message behind Mark’s Hollywood video? It’s about love for everyone. God’s love! And God’s message for us to love others. Folks, we are all two people are alike. God’s word doesn’t say love, except says love regardless. I don’t know everything about every religion, but I know how to love. It’s that simple. Let’s love each other as much for our differences, as for our likeness.That’s what Jesus did. Quit being critical and just love each other.

  • 22january2008 says:

    oh hush??? ok, tho what i said was right barr the bit that the lad below me corrected so whats your problem.

  • carrolc1 says:

    @22january2008 ,,, OH HUSH

  • luap34 says:

    To mpr4christ. I take offence at you calling me and my faith a cult. I would suggest that instead of calling for people to spread the Gospel you start looking within and try and open your mind. May Gob bless you.

  • DOYLERULES69X says:

    Mark lowry is the gayest person i’ve ever seen.

  • songbird356 says:

    this video is so funny! man, I’ve seen ppl sing Joy songs JUST LIKE THAT in church! it cracks me up cuz it totally doesn’t go with their facial expression and i want to just bust up right there! lol

  • lgp1987 says:

    When did Mark become gay?

  • mpr4christ says:

    actually the Roman Catholics are a cult. They think Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross wasn’t good enough. They think you have to punish yourself (do “penance”) to be saved. They think doing good works=salvation. They couldn’t be more wrong! Jesus paid the penalty for our sins once and for all time! If we receive His FREE gift of salvation and accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, we shall be saved. And we MUST preach the Gospel to all nations (Matthew 28:19)

  • Indifferent2YourPain says:

    And that’s the way it should be. As soon as any Christian says “No” to condoning homosexuality, the world screams “Intolerant homophobe!!!” Nooooooo, I just don’t support it.

  • geldofpunk says:

    They aren’t against homosexuals, they are against the act of homosexuality.

  • 22january2008 says:

    I strongly do not believe that at all, for the reason that bill gaihter is against homosexuals. there was a big thing that supposedly Bill Gaither and Mark Lowry were speaking to a “Christian” lesbian singer, and then people twisted the story into that they were promoting homosexual things. they issued a statement afterwards due to the story saying they are against homosexuals and their practice but that they liked her songs that she wrote, that is the link between them.

  • July4Firecracker says:

    Who said he was a homosexual???

  • GRober1050 says:

    If Mark the Baptist were an honest person, he wouldn’t have the career he has. Within the Southern Baptist Convention, Rev. William Merrell, the SBC’s vice president for convention relations says homosexuality is a sin, homosexual ministers should be removed, and gay and lesbian people must renounce the lifestyle if they want to be members of the denomination.

  • patrioticcamerican says:

    The song thing at the end is SO funny.

  • buffergirl22 says:


  • NGE2008CJ says:

    Glad someone wiccan is listening to the gospel…..recieve Jesus my friend…I was wiccan b4 getting saved

  • LarienTelemar says:

    I love him… He is sooo funny 🙂

  • carrolc1 says:

    nothing wrong with Catholics.. I love me a few of them…lol


  • carrolc1 says:

    Hey Ricky was you commen suppost to be funny,,, Whats wrong with Catholic… I love them…. hahhhhhhhhhhhhh????

  • VanDowall says:

    This Wiccan loves this song!

  • rickywaddle says:

    Catholics? We are so glad you’re here *sign of the Cross*


  • Tonichelle says:

    Everything is just so true! Yay for Baptists!

  • MrM says:

    “They aren’t against homosexuals, they are against the act of homosexuality”

    Sorry, my friend… but without the Sinner…..There IS no sin.

    And frankly, I don’t care what Mark Lowry does with his personal life – I just know that he lives one thing and makes his living by pandering to a group that believes something entirely different.

    I think he’s weak, he’s a liar and a coward – and Bill Gaither is his “Enabler in Chief”.

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