There are only two Mormon temples in the world that perform what is known as a “LIVE” endowment ceremony; Salt Lake City and Manti, Utah. This video was film…
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  • warrenlpify says:

    Well done. May the LDS church continue to shrink as it is exposed to the

  • truginot says:

    I’ll give the acting a D at best. Man i wish I could take the role of
    Lucifer for the live showing! Way to go noah these videos are excellent.
    Ever thought of making a video of just the handshakes/signs/tokens close up?

  • Monica S. says:

    Did you notice right at the beginning (02:37) that a man walking by the
    session worker gives something to him–then the temple worker puts it in
    his pocket? Maybe he had a cold and needed a kleenex. 🙂

  • Kaleigh Bronson says:

    I know with all my heart that my church is true and that the temple can
    seal families together forever in a way that nothing else can. I don’t
    someone like you to disrespect me and my faith to try to convince me
    otherwise. You seem to know a lot about Mormon and orgins. Why don’t you
    try reading my book of mormon and do what. Moroni 10:4 says. Then, you may
    post this filth on youtube. The LDS gospel is true and restored in every
    aspect and I hope that someday you will find the truth that I have

  • Melissa Grimes says:

    And I thought going through the film version was dumb, this is the corniest
    things I have ever seen.

  • MISSALAK91 says:

    Man I felt so sick watching this entire video.. ups to you for making this
    video.. Honestly these poor people becoming victim to this cult. As for
    them saying ELOHIM.. very very annoying..Hopefully my friends who are
    victim to this cult find some realization that MORMONISM is just a
    brainwashing orginisation tryna control the lives of so many.. VERY SCARY.

  • Newnamenoah says:

    Comments here are allowed only upon approval. I am going to be VERY picky
    about any comments that are allowed on this copy. THIS video is not for
    debates or arguments. Only legitimate questions that really deserve an
    answer. All the other videos the comments will stay the same.

  • MrPsalms1188 says:

    Great Video! I was once part of this deceptive cult and came out about 10
    years ago. Became a born again Christian. Mormonism is that, Mormonism, not
    Christian. It will be interesting to see if they change the ceremony again
    (they have several times). Interesting that My God is Omnipotent, the
    Mormon god has to have people report to him to find things out?

  • gekejo1 says:

    Brinton, it’s better that people wake-up and start using their brains.
    Religions like this are destroying what could be an intelligent civilzation.

  • petaca rimmer says:

    The best wishes for you my brother, and blessings to you and all your
    family hope that one day god and his son touch your heart and make you the
    happiest person in the world.

  • Lytrigian says:

    It’s amazing that they don’t even notice what a bogus name “Buildaboat”
    must be.

  • Ashli O'Connell says:

    Who are the people playing the parts? Are they paid temple workers or

  • gekejo1 says:

    LOL! LOL! LOL!

  • Newnamenoah says:

    Can’t share too many details just yet. Word on the street has it they’re
    changing the endowment ceremony (again) because of my videos. I’m guessing
    the improved version won’t feature SATAN in such a prominent role in a
    ritual that is done in “the House of the Lord.” Maybe they’ll stop calling
    God “Elohim” as well. It’s off putting to some people. Many Mormons hear
    the name “Elohim” when they attend the temple for the first time.

  • Newnamenoah says:

    Kaleigh Bronson: 100% of the evidence says Mormonism is false. I HAVE read
    the Book of Mormon many times (mostly while serving a mission for the LDS
    Church) and, yes, I even prayed about it every time. Nothing. Most Mormons
    tell me I “didn’t pray hard enough” or “didn’t have real intent”. Some have
    even declared that I “didn’t WANT it to be true”. So, I’ve read the BofM
    numerous times, prayed about it each time & then 20 years later posted
    “this filth on YouTube”. I agree. It IS “filth”.

  • Achmed-Jebadia Goldfield says:

    I guess at 8:00 is where they used to have the “slit your throat part”? Now
    changed it to “god will not be mocked”?

  • Redlight148 says:

    LOL, I went through the SLC temple for my endowment and Elohim was German
    and Satan was Asian, both with heavy accents. Not sure if that made it more
    confusing or not.

  • youreale says:

    You see.. the problem with the church is not the oringins of the book of
    mormon or joseph smith, but it’s real motivations behind the scenes: money
    and power. By requesting “voluntary” donations you’re not so different.
    Spying and impersonation become YOUR religion. You just create your own
    business. Shame on you, my friend.

  • gekejo1 says:

    Kaleigh, good luck with your life. Your words show just how much of a
    “sheep” you really are. And no, I don’t mean one of the Lord’s “sheep.”
    Just someone who doesn’t know how to use the matter between their ears.

  • truelazerlight says:

    That’s good to hear!

  • jess nash says:

    Thanx for replying. I really found your video helpfull. I am born and
    raised LDS and have recently started to discover things about the Church
    that don’t sit well with me. The Book of Abraham started it all off. Since
    i am currently working on an archaeology degree that will then actually
    lead into the Egyptology specialization, I found i cannot ignore evidence
    so damning that comes from my own field of study. (i assume you’re familiar
    with the BoA fraud). The temple issues also bother me a lot.

  • GiveCourage says:

    I was a Mormon up until 2011 & I can confirm that belief is no longer
    mentioned. No RECENT church leaders or official materials say black people
    were cursed in the pre-existence. But the Book of Mormon has God punish the
    wicked by changing their skin color: 2 Nephi 5:21 “Wherefore, as they were
    white, and exceedingly fair and delightsome, that they might not be
    enticing unto my people the Lord God did cause a skin of blackness to come
    upon them.” They ignore the infused racism in the religion.

  • r8rfanizme says:

    Mormons believe the last thing they are told. If you go up to a Mormon who
    went through the temple yesterday for the first time, and since these
    things are not discussed in Mormonism openly, and told them about the
    throat and bowell cutting, they would probably deny it, not knowing any
    better, and call you a Antimormon full of hatred.

  • teargardens says:

    You’re in a cult, plain & simple. May the Lord Jesus Christ allow to
    understand your deception. Just study your foundations. Smith lied under
    oath, he’s disqualified PERIOD It’s documented as fact. Also, your
    “religion” is in the CULT SECTION in the christian bookstore!

  • Newnamenoah says:

    No. Mormons have been taught to NEVER question the decisions of their
    leaders. Doing so could get you in trouble. It’s “Pray, pay & obey” not
    “Pray, pay & question the Prophet.” I’m serious. Mormons do NOT “question
    authority”. “When our leaders speak, the thinking has been done. When they
    propose a plan–it is God’s Plan. When they point the way, there is no other
    which is safe.” – Ward Teachers Message, Deseret News, Church Section p. 5,
    May 26, 1945

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