MOTB – John The Baptist (single link)

bible mysteries: Did this seminal figure in Christianity integrate ancient pagan rituals into the new faith? * An engrossing exploration of one of Christinit…

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  • Ted dibiasi says:

    jesus=jerry seinfeld
    maria magdalene=elaine benes
    john the baptist=cosmo kramer
    james the just=george costanza
    roman empire=postal service
    barabbas=kenny bania
    jordan river=hudson river where kramer used to swim every day

  • IMJW1000 says:

    Matthew 3:1, “In those days John the Baptist came preaching in the
    wilderness of Ju·de′a, 2 saying: ‘Repent, for the Kingdom of the heavens
    has drawn near.'”

    Nearly 2,000 years ago, the Kingdom good news was first declared publicly
    by a dedicated man whose appearance and manner commanded much attention.
    That man was John the Baptizer, son of Jewish priest Zechariah and his
    wife, Elizabeth. John wore a garment of camel hair, with a leather girdle
    around his loins, in the manner of the prophet Elijah, who foreshadowed
    him. But it was his message that attracted the attention of many. “Repent,”
    he proclaimed, “for the kingdom of the heavens has drawn near.”—Matthew

    John’s listeners were Jews, who professed to be worshipers of the true God,
    Jehovah. As a nation, they had received the Law covenant through Moses
    about 1,500 years earlier. Still standing in Jerusalem was the magnificent
    temple, where sacrifices were offered in accord with the Law. The Jews felt
    sure that their worship was right in God’s eyes.

    Listening to John, however, some people began to realize that their
    religion was not what they had thought it was. Greek culture and philosophy
    had infiltrated Jewish religious teachings. The law received from God
    through Moses was now adulterated, even invalidated, by man-made beliefs
    and traditions. (Matthew 15:6) Misguided by their hardhearted and merciless
    religious leaders, most no longer worshiped God acceptably. (James 1:27)
    They needed to repent of their sins against God and against the Law

    At that time, many Jews were expecting the appearance of the promised
    Messiah, or Christ, and some were wondering about John: “May he perhaps be
    the Christ?” John, however, denied that he was and instead directed them to
    someone else, of whom he said: “The lace of [his] sandals I am not fit to
    untie.” (Luke 3:15, 16) Introducing Jesus to his disciples, John declared:
    “See, the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world!”—John 1:29.

    That was indeed good news, for John was, in effect, pointing out to all
    people the way to life and happiness—Jesus, the one who “takes away the sin
    of the world.” As descendants of Adam and Eve, all humans are born under
    the tyranny of sin and death. Romans 5:19 explains: “Just as through the
    disobedience of the one man [Adam] many were constituted sinners, likewise
    also through the obedience of the one person [Jesus] many will be
    constituted righteous.” Jesus, like a sacrificial lamb, was to ‘take sin
    away’ and bring about a reversal of the sad state of human affairs. “The
    wages sin pays is death,” the Bible explains, “but the gift God gives is
    everlasting life by Christ Jesus our Lord.”—Romans 6:23.

    As a perfect man—in fact, the greatest man who ever lived—Jesus took up
    preaching the good news. The Bible account at Mark 1:14, 15 tells us: “Now
    after John was put under arrest Jesus went into Galilee, preaching the good
    news of God and saying: ‘The appointed time has been fulfilled, and the
    kingdom of God has drawn near. Be repentant, you people, and have faith in
    the good news.’”
    Those who responded to Jesus’ message and exercised faith in the good news
    were highly blessed. John 1:12 says: “As many as did receive [Jesus], to
    them he gave authority to become God’s children, because they were
    exercising faith in his name.” Being children, or sons, of God, they were
    in line to receive the reward of everlasting life.—1 John 2:25.

    But the privilege of receiving Kingdom blessings was not limited to people
    in the first century. As mentioned earlier, the good news of God’s Kingdom
    is being proclaimed and taught in all the inhabited earth today. So Kingdom
    blessings are still available. 

  • PathOfAvraham says:

    How on earth can you have a whole doc about the baptizer and no mention of
    Their whole faith is based off of his teachings.
    Its like making a documentary about Buddhism with out talking to Buddhists.

  • zilvinas andrikonis says:


  • cathid1017 says:

    here’s what jesus wrote in the sand :

    “IF you see rocky before Barack, we DEFINITELY ain’t gonna make it.”

  • cathid1017 says:

    god has been saying NOW for a very long time and that bears all the weight
    on how soon now is.

  • Peter Burnett says:


  • Hipolito Quiroz says:


  • dominick virgilio says:


  • wiggywoo75 says:

    that is so cool that you’re watching them from such a remote location
    desdmoana. way to go 2buellerbelles. i’ve enjoyed watching your links also
    from vancouver, b.c.

  • John Creighton Crowley says:

    I am reasonably certain that honey and locusts don’t qualify as vegan. I am
    also reasonably certain that you do not qualify as sane. Also the Essenne’s
    kept and preached the Book of Enoch among others which would then mean that
    you’d have to accept Enoch’s cosmology and sorry Columbus and Amerigo
    Vespucci but you both just fell off the edge of the world.

  • dominick virgilio says:


  • 2buellerbelles says:

    nice.. vancouver here too 😉 ,, I’ve enjoyed sharing them too!

  • listenupification says:

    (Isa 40:3 [KJV]) The voice of him that crieth in the wilderness, Prepare ye
    the way of the LORD, make straight in the desert a highway for our God.

  • dominick virgilio says:

    IHeartZui honey is vegan it SURE ISN’T MEAT (FLESH) LOCUST TREE IS FRUIT!

  • dominick virgilio says:

    these bible scolhars and even this narrator ,just because they may study
    religious history that dosen’t mean your saved ALL HAVE SINNED SATAN IS A

  • dominick virgilio says:

    candyly22 it spelled Kandlyly22

  • Boze Backboze says:

    John the Baptist gave us our most important teaching for living in a
    dangerous and tricky world: Is this going to help? Is this going to hurt?
    Any decision is a simple decision, given John the Baptist’s advice.

  • 2buellerbelles says:

    please pay attention when you get your left pinky on your A.. if you start
    getting block caps, hit the “caps lock” button again

  • desdmoana says:

    I just wanted to thank the person posting these video’s.. I am out in the
    jungles of Maui and I get NOTHING out here…. Thank you very much…. K

  • brent austin says:

    John the Baptist pointed to JESUS CHRIST as the messiah and died with that

  • John Divine says:

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  • desdmoana says:

    Im not a “buddy”. And I dont believe in god (notice how I use lower case
    “g”?). But thanks anyway.

  • John Divine says:

    Peace Be Unto All 22 Nations Of Humanity The Friends Greet You Great The
    Friends Every One Of Them By Name In 2013, This Is The Chrystal Clear
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  • Cece W says:

    Thanks for uploading super bored at work awesome to listen to

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