my fiancee is catholic but im a methodist would i still be allowed to get married in a catholic church?

A question from a reader: my fiancee wants to get married in a catholic church as hes a catholic but my parents christened me to be a methodist would it still be a problem for me to get married in a catholic church ive been thinking for the 2 years to convert to catholic

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22 Responses to “my fiancee is catholic but im a methodist would i still be allowed to get married in a catholic church?”

  • We Wish to Buy Your Shoes says:

    I can’t imagine they’d deny you.

  • Tony says:

    The problem is not you, a methodist is the issue

  • The Apostle says:

    Only if you convert…..>

    If you were a true Methodist, you wouldnt even consider being a Catholic……>

  • MMM says:

    The Bible’s Viewpoint
    Religious Unity in Marriage—Why Important
    A FAMILY sits down to have an evening meal. As the father says a prayer, the mother prays silently to another god. In another family the wife worships at a church, but her husband attends a synagogue. There are families in which one parent teaches the children about Santa Claus, while the other tells them about Hanukkah.
    According to recent studies, such scenes have become common as more people are marrying outside their religion. One survey shows that in the United States, 21 percent of Catholics now marry outside their faith; among Mormons the figure is 30 percent; for Muslims, 40 percent; and for Jews, more than 50 percent. In view of centuries of religious animosity, some regard interfaith marriage as a victory over intolerance. A newspaper columnist wrote: “Mixed marriages of most any kind are to be celebrated.” Is this the Bible’s view?
    It should be noted that the Bible does not support racial or ethnic prejudices. God’s Word promotes racial impartiality. The apostle Peter spoke clearly on this point: “For a certainty I perceive that God is not partial, but in every nation the man that fears him and works righteousness is acceptable to him.” (Acts 10:34, 35) At the same time, the Bible does teach that true worshipers of Jehovah should marry “only in the Lord.” (1 Corinthians 7:39) Why?

    *** Awake 1992 5/22 p. 24 The Truth Has Set Me Free ***
    In my search, I went to Seventh-Day Adventist, Methodist, Catholic, and other churches. But I felt they had nothing to offer, and I soon stopped attending. My feeling of disillusionment was confirmed by what took place one Sunday night at a disco. The lights were low and the music loud, and my eyes caught sight of the bartender, who was the local Catholic priest. He wore a pair of jeans, a vest without a shirt, and a large crucifix around his neck. We didn’t think that he was any better than us, and we called him the hippie priest.

  • poetichick says:

    It’s not a problem at all. The variation between two Catholics getting married in the Church and you would be a slight variation of the mass. What this is is the option of having a full mass with communion or not.

    It is not a requirement for a couple in which one member is not Catholic to have a full mass. If you are comfortable with having the full mass and your family would also be comfortable with it, you could have the full mass.

    It would be something worth discussing with a Catholic priest who would be able to detail more of the difference and talk to you about options.

  • Big Vinny says:

    There will not be a problem at all. But it’s very likely that you may be asked to agree to raise your children Catholic.

    Which would be a very good thing.

  • denise t says:


  • Each Hit says:

    No problem whatsoever. You were baptized a CHRISTIAN….just like a Catholic is baptized a CHRISTIAN!

    PS: Not to be critical but I believe ‘imacatholic2’ below is mistaken. In an interfaith marriage by the Catholic Church, both parties DO NOT have to promise to raise their kids in the Catholic Faith. That promise ONLY applies to the Catholic party! They do NOT require the non-Catholic to make such a promise. The issue then, is really totally up to the couple to work out when he kids are born.

  • Reoriented says:

    Conversion will make everything smooth. If you wish to delay that till after your wedding read about “mixed marriages” in the reference.

    In short, yes, your marriage can be in a Catholic church.

  • imacatholic2 says:


    The Catholic Church allows marriage between Catholics and non-Catholics.

    The interfaith couple will have to get permission from the bishop

    Anyone married in the Catholic Church has to:
    + Take a pre-marriage course
    + Promise to baptize and educate their children in the Catholic Church.

    Here is a good article with suggestions on how to help an interchurch marriage succeed:

    For more information, see the Catechism of the Catholic Church, sections 1633-1637:

    With love in Christ.

  • goodluckwithhat says:

    Yes. He would have to received permission from the bishop, like every mixed marriage, but it rather a standard thing these days. You will have to promise to raise your children Catholic, though.

    You will still have to go to the Pre Cana classes. If you’d like your minister to be part of the ceremony, he can do that too. I have a priest friend who shared the alter with a Hindu priest-like person once.

    It might be a good idea to go through RCIA and become a Catholic before you get married so, if you have a mass, you can receive communion with your husband.

  • tebone0315 says:

    You can get married in the Catholic Church. But you need to get in contact with them right away because you will have to take the marriage classes(pre Cana) If you have the desire to convert RCIA classes will be starting soon, usually in September and your conversion would be complete on Easter 2011.

    Catholic Christian †

  • Daver says:

    < >

    That should not be a problem.

    < >

    So long as you are a validly Baptized non-Catholic Christian, you can marry a Catholic in the Catholic Church.

  • sparki777 says:

    Yes, you can marry in the Catholic Church. Such marriages happen all the time.

    If you’ve been thinking about converting for 2 years, you might as well enroll in the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults class to find out if you really want to do it or not.

  • taffygirl says:

    I don’t think you can go to the altar if you are not Catholic. The ceremony will be performed in front of the members but not at the altat itself.
    My ex was not baptized at all, & they would not let him be at the altar.

  • Bibs says:

    You could get married in the Methodist Church and if your pastor would permit it, a Catholic priest or deacon could be there to witness the marriage. This would give it legality in the Catholic Church as well.

  • Mediator says:

    The Methodist World Council and the Catholic Church are so very close together, differing only in a handful of doctrinal issues. You should just convert because the Sacrament of Matrimony is that important. It is the way you and your spouse use the love brought to this world by Jesus Christ to help one another get to heaven. Nothing is more important than that. Certainly not the machinations of the Methodist church. You probably accept the authenticity of the Catholic Church since you’re thinking of converting, and you probably realize that even with all the beautiful Christians brought up in the Methodist faith, and the incredible work of the Methodist churches in this world, it simply isn’t the same as being One as St. Paul would say. One Body. So many people are caught up in traditions of their families, but the truest tradition in this world started with Jesus Christ. One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. Y’all would be so much better off if you were both practicing the same faith. And your children…..

  • cashelmara says:

    Of course.

  • Marysia says:

    as long as he is a member in good standing and is free to marry. you two would take the wedding classes and you would have to agree to raise your children catholic but…. shouldn’t be a problem at all!!!

  • pepgurli says:

    Yes you should be fine. Just talk it over with the priest he can answer any of your questions.

  • The Carmelite says:

    By all means….embrace the Catholic faith! Your parents chose to have you christened to be a Methodist because they thought it was the best choice for you — and it is what they knew, lived and loved! Celebrate that! However, if God is calling you to his Catholic Church, say yes to his great call! Yes, you could marry in a Catholic Church even if you are still Methodist. No problem. I’m praying for you!

  • sebastian c says:

    No you are both baptized christians and as long as you are willing to go through the catholic marriage prep and raise your children catholic there should be no problem.

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