New Mormon temple in Gilbert

New Mormon temple in Gilbert

Inside look at temple’s most sacred rooms.
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19 Responses to “New Mormon temple in Gilbert”

  • Feelthefx says:

    its sad that all these good people are seemingly brainwashed. if you look
    into mormon history you will find that it has hilarious origins. how can
    people be so stupid to follow such things?

  • Cassandra J. says:

    In case you want to see inside a Temple but can’t make it to a tour.

  • Allfor Hisglory says:

    The temple of doom. They follow many of the same rituals as free mason
    lodges. It’s not a religion but a cult.

  • Gregory Ward says:

    I didn’t know this was the biggest one built in 17 years. It looked bigger
    than the mini ones when I drove by. Absolutely gorgeous, even though I
    prefer the architecture of the Mesa one. Should be fun going through the
    open house.

  • Jesse Gaver says:


  • RumTumTuggy says:

    No you dont need a reservation you can just show up and no one is going to
    turn you away simply because you didnt “make a reservation”

  • thinkingjack says:

    i went to the one up north before it opened, absolutely gorgeous, even if
    you’re not LDS i suggest checking err out. It’s amazing architechture.

  • Doodles Boticus says:

    AHHHHH! President Hansen! That’s my Mission President! AHHHHHH!!

  • Heather GoldenStrickland says:

    It’s so beautiful. I started to cry. I still haven’t gone to my first
    temple visit yet. So happy this was here.

  • DavidOfa Weaver says:

    Great job Katie! I love the Temple can’t wait to see inside this one!

  • roflhaus says:

    Is that where you guys keep the Master Sword?

  • William Farnbach says:

    “Shrouded in Secrecy” as we put it on TV. . .

  • Cua Moua says:

    this is beautiful

  • Mark Carrier says:

    Love the temples looking forward to going such a beautiful place special
    spirit inside these buildings 

  • Kymarie0801 says:

    It makes me sad that some people who don’t understand the lds religion
    think its satanic or such. It’s not. Please, before you spread such
    comments, look through our actual doctrine. What we do is to worship
    Christ. Tithing is not for our leaders, or for ourselves. It goes to what’s
    called the bishops storehouse, where people in need can go to receive help
    for them and their families, members or not. The temple is special, a place
    where heave and earth meet. There is no cult, there are no secrets. We have
    over 89,000 people around the world RIGHT NOW to share everything about it.
    Before you quote anti-Mormon scripture, actually READ the scriptures for
    yourself, they twist the verses. I promise, you’ve got it wrong.

  • maxwelltrainings says:

    Mormon 8:32-49 warns of priedtcraft and Old Testament ordinances which
    Jesus taught against. None of these hideous ordinances did Jesus teach in
    Matthew 5,6,7 or 3 Nephi 12,13,14.
    FYI: “TheSealedPortion” has been translated and it’s online and it’s free,
    just like salvation. :)

  • maxwelltrainings says:

    Attendees will receive for their tithe money: 1: a new name. 2. Four secret
    handshakes. 3. Their feet washed and oil out in their private parts under a
    poncho. 4. A Green Apron their told represents LUCIFERS Power and
    Priesthood. If you’d like to see it on utube then search Mormon endowment.
    There is a video that recorded their luciferian ritual. It’s pathetic.

  • maxwelltrainings says:

    Try his is hideous. These fools have to pay 10% of their annual income to
    get into this Tower of Bable. The Mormons are keeping up an Old Testament
    tradition.. Old wine selling salvation to the poor widow for her last mite
    like the Jews did. Jesus fulfilled that old pyramid scheme. Lehi and Ismael
    saw the hypocricy of their leaders and left that Great and Abominal church
    cult. They realized selling salvation for tithe money to fatten their
    wallets and bellies was the great evil. LoL

  • Yeremy Turcios says:

    See what’s inside a Mormon temple.
    New Mormon temple in Gilbert

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