Non-Religious Voters Won Obama’s Reelection

Non-Religious Voters Won Obama's Reelection

“The big demographic story out of the 2012 presidential election may have been President Obama’s domination of the Hispanic vote, and rightfully so. But as w…
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25 Responses to “Non-Religious Voters Won Obama’s Reelection”

  • s9z9s says:

    … And finally, you’re dead wrong on Mussolini and Hitler being supported by the church. The Italian fascists sought to weaken the power of the Catholic Church, and Mussolini was non-religious. Hitler invoked God in his speeches at his rallies, but he was also non-religious, and the Nazi elite were into all that Germanic paganism stuff.

  • s9z9s says:

    … who had you lined up and shot for expressing any sort of religious belief. After all, if you want to build a gov’t-centered society, you have to destroy the faith and culture of a people, right? In the US, it’s more of a soft authoritarianism, with Christian businesses being forced to serve homosexual couples, in direct violation of their private property rights, under “anti-discrimination laws” (always selectively enforced against Christians of course)…

  • s9z9s says:

    There’s both theocracy, which is religious authoritarianism, and the secular authoritarianism of the Soviet Union, which was an atheist state which actively prosecuted Christians, Muslims, and Jews. By the 50s, 80% of the churches, synagogues, and mosques that had been open before the revolution had been shut down, and the debunked “Christ Myth” theory was actively pushed through the education system. The Russian communists never went as far as the Cambodians in the Khmer Rouge though…

  • MisterVonnie says:

    Atheists wanting God in control is like everyone else wanting Santa in control.

  • MisterVonnie says:

    1. There is no such thing as authoritarian secularism. Secularism divides religion from other things such as science and government. Nothing more. 2. Separation of Church and State cannot be taken out of context. It is just that. Separation. Neither the Church nor State should have a stranglehold on the either. 3. Yeah, they were socialists. Your point? They also had overwhelming support from the Church.

  • s9z9s says:

    I’m a Nazi now because I oppose authoritarian secularism and know that your side takes “Separation of Church and State” out of context? You realize that both the German and Italian fascists openly proclaimed to be socialists, right? My churches do the thinking for me? And your little blogs and YouTube videos do what for you exactly?

  • Orion Maybs says:


  • Chris Tubestinks says:

    Also, what’s the point of standing for something if what you stand for is a worthless piece of shit? A student who follows an evil master is not truly a student or even a person. Just another shit that needs to be cut down like a blade of grass that rises too high above the rest.

  • Chris Tubestinks says:

    Nothing to stand for? I’ve heard Nazis use those same words. Standing for something is overrated while thinking for yourself is underrated. That’s the problem. Few people truly know how to think for themselves and so they have their churches and their obstinate little groups that can do all their thinking for them. Their obstinate and brain dead groups. How sad for them.
    Deep down inside you know that I’m right. I’m ahead of the curb. Welcome to my enlightened way of thinking.

  • Chris Tubestinks says:

    Well. Democrats are usually less religious than Republicans. Usually.

  • Edubbplate says:

    Great. So instead of Atheist wanting God in control, they want Government in control. Jesus fucking Christ.

  • Nils Henrichsen says:

    this is why I love TYT, the None bout

  • A86 says:

    Something TYT didn’t mention: 70% of Christians in the US now believe there is more than one path to God:

    (.) time (.) com/time/nation/article/0,8599,1817217,00 (.) html

    Religious people and theists seem to be making some progress. About damn time!

  • TheCoffeeNut711 says:

    No you’re wrong because I don’t believe thus disproving your assertion of my generation believing in every source I here. So go fuck your face off through your ass you dick.

  • theniltthealpinepla says:

    No. Your parents try to keep you away from the internet because your generation is extremly unintellectual, and will believe everything they read from any source and believe it. : D

  • theniltthealpinepla says:

    This sounds like a pretty insane viwe to think all religious people are insane. Your comment sounds like bitter diatribes towrad religious people. Its okay though I forgive you.

  • grnbbllntrck says:

    Perhaps you need to go back and read the conversation in context. It might make more sense to you. HINT: quotation marks–> ” indicate sarcasm. AKA you dumb fuck, I’m on your side. 

  • Imhornydadcomeinside says:

    Are you stupid? I just argued against a gnostic atheist that you can never claim to know 100% that there is no god unless you know everything about the universe and how it functions, and even then people can still claim that god is a magical being in another dimension.

    I happen to be an agnostic atheist that is pretty sure that there is no god, but I admit I can be wrong

    And about god going well with science is just your emotional opinion unless you define god and can prove his existance

  • theniltthealpinepla says:

    How can you prove nothing 100 percent? if i have ten pennies in a dish and take all ten pennies out I can be 100 percent sure there are no pennies in my dish. If I drop a brick on someones foot and see and hear it hit and they scream, I can be 100 percent sure I droped the brick on there foot. This is a horrid argument. There are truths in the world, clearly your just postulating ideas that sound good in your own mind but make no sense what so ever, this actually made me laugh, thanks

  • theniltthealpinepla says:

    I dont understand? Science and God are not mutually exclusive. They actually go very well hand in hand. Your clearly arrogant and do think you know everything. Please explain to me one…JUST ONE piece of emperical evidence for the non existance of God. There is none. You cant say your right when you yourself dont know what your talking about. This new atheist regiem coming up is so unintellectual its sad, and they are the ones thinking illogically.

  • theniltthealpinepla says:

    your seriously an idiot. 180 million americans are christian. Every one in six in the world is roman catholic. Your one of the “intellectual” idiots on here, who postulates all of his claims on science. 3 percent of americans are athiest. In no way did they win the election for obama. I also believe you have atheist and agnostic mixed up and what they represent. agnosticism has nothing to do with atheism.

  • Imhornydadcomeinside says:

    I can’t disprove them 100% but I I don’t beleive in them since they don’t make any sense logically.

    However I am not an atheist that claims to know everything about the universe. I could be wrong, but the chances of that are extremely slim I think.

  • grnbbllntrck says:

    If that’s the best argument you have then you should also believe in leprechauns, bigfoot, UFO’s, demons, fairies, etc, etc, etc. you can’t prove anything “100%.” But I bet you don’t believe in leprechauns… right?

  • carolinacat80 says:

    That is an urban myth. See politifact . com /florida/statements/2011/oct/06/critics-water-fluoridation/truth-about-fluoride-doesnt-include-nazi-myth/

  • agelessrocker says:

    Perhaps, but if you have a knowledge of the light, and go against it, your darkness becomes greater than those who have never had such a knowledge.

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