OBC Deaf Choir Part 6 – Bow the Knee

Song: Bow the Knee The Oklahoma Baptist College Deaf Choir came to our annual Mission’s conference on January 27th & 28th, 2007 – held at Lafayette Bible Baptist Church in Manchester, Missouri ( www.lbbc-stl.org ). The fourth part is an excerpt from a dvd about the college that was shot as it was shown on screen. If you want to see the whole dvd, I would recommend writing, calling or emailing the college. The info on the college is at the end of the 4th part. I hope you enjoy the video, …

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22 Responses to “OBC Deaf Choir Part 6 – Bow the Knee”

  • photorestore says:

    oklahomabaptistcollege then dot then com, this is the website for the college. You’ll find a link to contact them via email and phone.

    I hope this helps. Sherman

  • ambrn14 says:

    This is a beautiful video! Signing with music is a beautiful expression of emotion!! Thank you for sharing it! I am desperately searching for more information about the group who is singing this song. I LOVE THE SONG AND THE GROUP!!! I believe that they are called “Lasting Hope”. Can anyone give me more information about this group or how I can contact this deaf choir to get more information? I want to get this song and more of their music! I would appreciate any help. Thank you & God Bless you!

  • photorestore says:

    I’m not sure that they are related, but both OBC and Heartland are Independent, Fundamental Baptist colleges. I know that I would be comfortable with my children attending either college.

  • dreamerforever87 says:

    Is the college related with Heartland Baptist Bible College in Oklahoma City, OK????

  • mrdavesmagic says:

    That was so beautiful!!!! That is one of my favorite songs. Thanks for sharing!!!

  • peychyun2004 says:

    So beautiful their sign language!! May God overflowing His blessing on u all n ur church also. 🙂

  • CVkill says:

    Do you have an MP3 of this song? Pls…..

  • Psalm127v3 says:

    WOW! I cried watching this.
    See my channel and you will understand.

  • swmpres1 says:

    She signs, “Seem no reason why I experience suffer” (not sign “year”). I hope that helps

  • whitneymichellehall says:

    This has to be one of my favorite songs! It has such amazing lyrics! Well done!

  • luvmy2gals says:

    Can anyone help me figure out what the woman on the far right is interpreting at 2:20? I see the sign for “year” but I can’t figure out why that’s in there unless I missed something else too.

  • luvmy2gals says:

    fantastic – I saw a deaf choir do this and want so much to teach this to some of our youth at church but didn’t know the words to the song. I’m going to try to find them – couldn’t see the girl behind the podium to be able to make out what she was signing to it, but loved it!!

  • deaffox says:

    I have two deaf brothers and two deaf son’s. this group is a blessing god bless them

  • signer3130 says:

    simply wonderful!

  • marisa0813743 says:

    This song is awesome. It reminds us of the truth and simplicity of salvation

  • acts1631 says:

    I Just want to say that i was encourged by this song and also just want to say all of you are doing a wonderful job and just remeber through your day to day lives remember Bow The Kneee
    God Bless

  • RicksGirl777 says:

    I am in the Choir at my Church and we sung this song..this is so beautiful and touching done this way. May God Bless You!!!

  • FeDeeDamore24 says:

    I Love the Sign Language. Can any 1 sent me a lyrics of this song?


    Thankyou so much for your answer and God Bless you!:)

  • jpdickert says:

    Chirs Machen wrote it. It is part of a musical he wrote by the same name. It is really good and we do it every year for Easter! 🙂


    Amen Hallelujah!Where can i find this song? who wrote it??

  • OrmondSpace says:

    rating 5 because 2 flags jew and christian together.

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