Old school Catholic and I went to a MEGA chruch “party” OFFENDED AND TERRIFIED!?

Old school Catholic and I went to a MEGA chruch “party” OFFENDED AND TERRIFIED!?
So I’m 12 and my friend invited me to a Presbyterian “Hang Ten” party. (Oh yeah cause Jesus loved to “Hang Ten” on the weekends when he wasn’t busy dying for us) I felt like all they wanted was paying customers like they were selling their religion! IT SICKENED ME! The speeches were about like this ” OKAY KIDS! It’s 500 dollars for the camp and 7000 dollars for the trip to Tampa!” THEY DIDN’T EVEN TALK ABOUT GOD! It was all about money and they actually made us pay 10 dollars for some rice!?!?! The church I go to is VERY old school and the only collections we do is the collection plates and the school (200 student school)the funding of the school and the Priests wadges which are controlled unlike Protestants our Priests only get paid a very low amount and they have to live a poor life. I saw the drum sets they had and thought these poor idiots paid 400 dollars for that drum set not for the pastors wadges not for the poor FOR A DRUM SET!!! I was so sickened by this I almost stormed up to the stage and yelled this isn’t religion this is a sales pitch! Now I know how church could produce MArilyn Manson! HAs anyone else ever been to one of these AWFUL “parties”?
What was your opinion on them?

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Answer by cheir
I’ve bin to them – once.

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4 Responses to “Old school Catholic and I went to a MEGA chruch “party” OFFENDED AND TERRIFIED!?”

  • Uncle Guido says:

    I think they really miss the mark. Mega churches can be like “Christianity-lite” with almost no spiritual content. I used to attend one.

  • Yma Moore says:

    Are you stupid? That’s all Christianity has been there for.
    Make money
    Keep people in fear
    Control them

    That’s why you shouldn’t trust newer religions. DUH

  • elts says:

    @Chris — you’re an idiot. go and spread lies somewhere else.

  • Daver says:

    And the so-called ministers drive around in Cadillacs or even Mercedes. What kind of Holy men are they supposed to be?

    Those events are more like pep-rallies than worship services.

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