Opie & Anthony Westboro Baptist Church Gets Trolled

Opie & Anthony Westboro Baptist Church Gets Trolled (01-15-14) Check out Brick Stone’s channel http://www.youtube.com/user/rorschac?feature=watch Watch the o…

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25 Responses to “Opie & Anthony Westboro Baptist Church Gets Trolled”

  • Hugo Brömme says:

    “God hates fags!”

    But loves child molesters, huh?

  • Abe Banerman says:

    the best way to handle these people is to just fuck with em ^^

    well actually the BEST way to handle them is to ignore them, but… I cant
    resist fucking with them

  • LosAngelesFresh1 says:

    everytime a religion person shits on me for shitting on THEIR *religion*. i
    so wish i could show them people like this, sporting “Paul Walker in Hell”
    and “God Hates Fags” signs.. when can we stand in front of churches with
    signs that say “The Rest Of The World Hates You!”

  • HackBennys says:

    That guy seems pretty cocksure.

  • WelcomeToThe92503 says:

    I know the ramone bit.. but don’t know the origin

    Someone enlighten me please

  • mysoundsful says:

    America is doomed= no brainer. bring America down Obama! yes you can!

  • david hunter says:

    LOST IT AT 3:36

  • mezzaninex says:

    That is exactly what you should do when one of those idiots is about to
    speak, interrupt and call them shitheads.

  • sultan makbali says:

    you all againts westboro baptist church. are sons of satan. and your going
    to hell if dont repent you sins.

  • LobsterSoupable says:

    He looks like a non-retarded Bobo

  • sultan makbali says:

    i pray to God that He will forgive you for doing such things to His people

  • kriven4437 says:

    I heard Howard invented Ramon, HOO HOO

  • jimmyshitbags says:

    The way the world should deal with this sort of people is to blank them,
    just respond with complete silence to everything they say, don’t look at
    them, don’t even acknowledge their presence. Act the same way as you would
    to the pissed-soaked tramp screaming gibberish on the street corner.
    They’re just stupid, brainwashed, broken human beings that are wasting
    their lives. When people react to them it validates what they’re doing.

  • theilltrip says:

    This is a perfect example of when a persons general logic contradicts their
    foolish religious beliefs…they short circuit and start saying things like
    “God works in mysterious ways”…or…”Well the Bible says in chapter and

  • Das_Bass says:

    How have these people not been shoot yet? Do they just stay away from red
    states or something?

  • coralarch says:

    “Is that how you’re gonna masturbate?” 5 stars!!

  • dr1345 says:

    These Westboro religius bigots are not any more annoying, dumb, or
    hateable than goofy faggots that prance around in disgusting pride parades.
    “I want equal treatment and respect!”. Do ya, faggot? Well how about
    you take that boa feather out of your ass and act like a normal decent
    human being? Then maybe I would overlook the fact that you take a cock in
    your ass. If it was up to me I would erradicate both of these groups
    starting with this annoying, no talent, midget jew faggot. 

  • Charles Velez says:


  • Smac Kevin McChipperson says:

    This video does a very good job at showing how america is progressing

  • stormdcw says:

    @ 2:15 Don’t you just wanna punch her as hard as you can. Right in the

  • mega zack says:

    Hoohoo, i invented ramone O&A stole it from me hoohoo right robin.

  • Tairy Hesticles says:

    These cunts came to Fort Sam Houston last year when I was in corps school.
    They got their van window shattered and one of the guys got punched in the

  • Baaaalukaaaa says:

    IRL Ramoning is a dangerous art, but he did it pretty good.

  • Man O'Neal says:

    You are on fire today.

  • The505Guys says:

    That wasn’t really trolling, it was just insulting them. By ‘trolling’ I
    was expecting him to sort of pretend to genuinely want to know what they
    were saying but word it in a way that they ended up contradicting
    themselves, now that would have been trolling! Anyone can just take the mic
    away quickly and say ‘oh your hair is bad’, poor effort tbh, I was hoping
    for better.

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