Pastor Tony Smith : God is Holy, Not Baptist pt 1

Pastor Tony Smith preaching holiness.

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25 Responses to “Pastor Tony Smith : God is Holy, Not Baptist pt 1”

  • TheBlackmanofgod says:

    Then how come christians dont obey the law??? If we are to walk as he walked

  • TheBlackmanofgod says:

    That was an excellent point!

  • thomasladams says:

    You Was Almost right until you said pour water over their head thats a shower..they gotta be dump in the water all the way.

  • Nikita30213 says:

    you have to be baptized in order to go to heaven….
    Jesus himself had to be baptized by his own Cousin….
    so yea you do have to be baptized in order to enter heaven….
    as far as people in wheel chairs… they have to be baptized as well… all they have to do is pour water over their heads… same thing with babys…
    Please dont think that you can enter heaven without being baptized…
    try to do everything that JESUS did becuz he did everything right

  • Corduroy66 says:

    At one time women preachers were not alloewd in the AME pulpits. Today they have a woman bishop.

  • bigjoe6129 says:

    K1MJ christ didnt tell the thief he was going to heaven he said i will see u in the waiting place.but i agree that there are some people not able to be baptized that will go to people in wheel chairs and other reasons.

  • dixmoor1 says:

    I meant to say Holy Ghost.

  • Corduroy66 says:

    I was AME. I left. Now I am a born again believer. Filled with the Hly Ghost.

  • Corduroy66 says:

    Came out the A.M.E Church. Now I am a born again believer.

  • Corduroy66 says:

    There is no heaven with a place for the healed, a place for the prosperous, etc. The commandments are for all to follow. The word has to be for every believer. We must eat the whole roll. Every pastor must teach all the righteousness of God. Holiness is required before any shall see the Lord. One faith, one Lord, one baptism. Pastor Tonyis telling the truth of the gospel.

  • K1MJ says:

    He said it was a lie that you can go to heaven if your not baptized. That is not true. You can got to heaven without being baptized. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying you should make up your mind not to get baptized because its a commandment. At the same time in Luke 23-43 the thief believed on Christ and was saved. Never been baptized. The point is he didn’t know he had to be baptized. That is why he is with Christ. So you can’t say it is impossible without being baptized.

  • christdiedonthecross says:

    Good Word GOod word get it right or get left behind!

  • sheriffquick says:

    What exactly are you confused about? Theres one lord,one spirit,one faith, everyone of God should speak with one voice? Your the one complaining about his delivery? Listen to what he is saying, is he telling the truth? Why does it matter how he sounds(Harsh)..Are you saying you would rather hear a lie as long as it sounds good? EVE for example..

  • lovejones238 says:

    Pastor Tony Smith’s ministry isn’t for everyone, some people are just gifted in certain areas of ministry, his just happens to be holiness & false teachers. Some preachers are annointed to deal with healing, others prosperity, deliverance from drug addiction ect, but it takes them all. Pastor Tony is right, whose gonna tell ya about yourself, “not many”, church today is mostly entertainment than soul saving. Preach on Pastor Tony!

  • bokey116 says:

    Ephesians 2: 8 , 9 grace through faith not of works Jonah 3: 10 What did God just say turning from their evil ways was work? Acts 16: 31 Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shall be saved. Now lets start over. 2 timothy 2: 15

  • biggywebby says:

    In my eyes he is a man of GOD !! I’m learning alot from his preaching and teachings thats coming straight from the LORDS word. I read right along with him.

  • rowempire says:

    he keeping it real. He is not sugar coating. If he chose to sugar coat he would be just like a good percentage of the churches out there. teaching nothing and entertaining.

  • 1tanisha says:

    preach it brotha

  • AbduIssa says:

    I am glad you are still on the internet. I learn so much from you.

  • Wormanatti says:

    The blessings is if you live right you’re not going to hell. You have to teach and live the whole counsel of God. If you want to be bless. Just live right.

  • NarutoRV says:

    THats it snuggleteddy(internet predater), you were warned to keep your personal comments and opinions without scriptural support to yourself, now you’re no longer welcome to comment.

  • phattracs says:

    Man they said worst things about Jesus.

  • panogrl21 says:

    And I believe that the church is symbolic for a hospital for spritual sickness and its obvious that he needs to change his medication for the internal diseases of the people. Somebody needs to hear that God loves them. There’s a time a place for everything. I will continue to lift him up in prayer.

  • panogrl21 says:

    It’s so sad that after watching over 15 clips of this man, I still haven’t been able to pick up something that can be a blessing to my soul. You can’t honestly tell me that a new comer in Christ will want to change their life after hearing this “COMPLAINING” sermon. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in telling the truth. You can’t sugar coat anything because the world is spiritually dying but the word is healing for the soul and just as well as God is a just God, he’s also a merciful God.

  • phattracs says:

    This is just t Great…Ministers of God can’t preach like this with a cowardices spirit

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