Please help- middle names for the name “Dove”?

Please help- middle names for the name “Dove”?
This character’s name will be Dove ____ Jane Fairfax. (Yes, there’s an extremely good reason her name is Dove. It’s weird, but symbolic. A family tradition). She’s actually not a major character until the very end… but regardless. I’m looking for a more classy sounding name… no Jessicas or Mackenzies or Kaitlyns. Obviously I would probably need a longer-ish name, since “Dove Jane” doesn’t really flow well. Some examples: Dove Amelia Jane, Dove Celestia Jane, etc, etc. Thanks!

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Answer by Laura
Anabella. 🙂

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  • Annabell says:


  • M$uNdasT00d says:

    Joslyn or Ashlyn! I also like the Amelia name 🙂

  • Sammy Seagull says:

    Maybe you would like the name Columbia or Joninah (Yo-nin-uh) they mean dove but they are a little more subtle.

    Dove Violet Jane Fairfax/Columbia Violet Jane Fairfax/Joninah Violet Jane Fairfax
    Dove Millicent Jane Fairfax/Columbia Millicent Jane Fairfax/ Joninah Violet Jane Fairfax
    Dove Rosemary Jane Fairfax/ Columbia Rosemary Jane Fairfax/ Joninah Rosemary Jane Fairfax

    Best Regards,

  • vg61 says:

    How about Paloma? It means white dove. Dove Paloma Jane Fairfax *:)

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