Poll: How do you feel about the Westboro Baptist Church?

Poll: How do you feel about the Westboro Baptist Church?
I just heard they’re protesting the Powell children’s funeral. (These children died after their father set his house on fire, resulting in their deaths.) I think these WBC guys are a bunch of morons.

They even went to my school two years ago to protest because we have a lesbian/gay organization there. Fortunately for us, we had a whole mob of 1000+ students counter-protesting them. This drove them away.

So how do you feel about Westboro Baptist “Church”?

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inbred dumbasses.

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10 Responses to “Poll: How do you feel about the Westboro Baptist Church?”

  • i♥Bieber ☆ Don't Hate -_- says:

    That Anonymous did the right thing.

  • Should've been a Cowboy says:


  • I'm Going Slightly Mad says:

    They suck. . .

  • Taylor says:

    They’re one big happy family. Literally.

  • smartypants22 says:

    They’re crazy people.

  • Spinning Netch says:

    They are basically a ‘hate group’. Fools.

  • Saddy Dumpington says:

    They aren’t really a “Baptist church” in my opinion. They probably started out as a normal church and then went crazy after being brainwashed by their cult leader. I find them despicable and sad. It makes me sad how people can do such horrible things in the name of God.

  • crazyem says:

    nobody gets to protest at funerals. have a little respect. 🙁

  • Alan says:

    They are a bunch of indoctrinated muppets, I’m sure one of the sons abandoned them a few years ago.

    I can remember watching a video, where students done a charity event on behalf of Westboro baptist church and they donated the money to war veterans and other things WBC is against. A slap in the face for them lol.
    What they need is a public execution, that’s as far as my democracy goes with them. And why not, worked for people in medieval times ha ha ha!

    So I guess overall I hate them for the It’s clear no on likes them, I don’t know why they can’t get it into there thick skulls, that there beliefs are crazy.

    The thing I despise most is that weird, schizophrenic looking smile they all have.

  • Angels and Star Tattoos says:

    They make me happy that no one lives forever. Heaven, Hell… I don’t care where I go just as long as I’m not going where they’re going.

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