Practicaliy of Divorce?

Practicaliy of Divorce?


Practicaliy of Divorce?
points for practicality of divorce in debate pls….

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Answer by keral
legaly split and partition benifits

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4 Responses to “Practicaliy of Divorce?”

  • Brent says:

    Divorce is seldom practical. A broken leg is not practical. But both need to be dealt with.

  • kim t says:

    Being on your own, I just answered a question just like this this one. Was married 30 years, the mental and physical abuse was to much I didn’t know who this person is anymore, he was to much to deal with, I filed for divorce two years ago, not divorced yet, soon I hope.

  • Starte Christ says:

    Marriage as it is used on this Earth does not work very well and divorce rates around the world confirm this. It is therefore very practical to undo something that does not work.

  • albodad says:

    Divorce is seldom practical, although many times necessary.
    Even in a marriage of convenience, it’s often inconvenient to get divorced. Think about it; two people who do not want to be together and often cannot stand being in the same house with each other are suddenly going to have no problem agreeing on how to divide up what they have together?
    Yes, there are times when the split can be amicable, but even under the best of circumstances, it is never easy or practical to find a new place to live or move your stuff somewhere else. And we haven’t even touched on the financial costs.
    That is why, unlike that brave soul Kim, I am, for the present, sticking it out, although I AM contemplating a change.
    All that being said, it is FAR more impractical to spend your life miserable.

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