Presbyterian Theonomy, Part 1

Deuteronomy 4:6-8.
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4 Responses to “Presbyterian Theonomy, Part 1”

  • starscreamdakmo says:

    good lecture but i thought it started in the 1860s not 1960s with the
    national reform association

  • weareanalog says:

    Interesting lecture, I do think that the ceremonial law has been abrogated
    but not the moral law. I was wondering whether you think that crimes are
    still punishable as they were in the old testament? I would like to support
    your opinion, but I’m afraid I would be submitting myself to an afternoon
    of stoning.

  • weareanalog says:

    very true

  • martalog121 says:

    the jesuits are still very very very bad for any nation,they have wrecked
    Europe and they are doing the same thing with the North America

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