Professor Sapolsky Explains the Origin of Religion Part 1/2

Professor Sapolsky Explains the Origin of Religion Part 1/2.

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25 Responses to “Professor Sapolsky Explains the Origin of Religion Part 1/2”

  • Carlo Salcedo says:

    Speculations. Historicity of biblical accounts must be judged not in a
    naturalistic/mechanistic point of view but using the laws of evidence.

  • Peter L says:

    i love this guy ive watched all his lectures, hes the coolest

  • Alan Lewis says:

    “cheap shitty theoretical thinker” just the sort of thing you could say
    about Craig.

  • Alan Lewis says:

    and you have checked with Sapolsky?

  • brick251 says:

    Americans have got to one of the most brainwashed nations on Earth.
    believing in sky fairies and boogie man devils. Worst of all most of them
    still vote when both Democrats and Republicans are one big government that
    have been working together in screwing the people. In any case things will
    continue to decline.

  • KungFuNeuron says:

    Science is always improving i.e. the theory of gravity explains the facts
    but it is still not complete . Concepts and hypothesis can be fine tuned .
    This is one off the reasons why science is so good as it does not stick to
    a bias or dogma based on assumptions rather than empirical evidence .

  • Eddie Perez says:

    That’s one point of view…

  • tadpoleposition says:

    He is the devil.

  • Justin Isles says:


  • Ken MacMillan says:
  • Thomas Kang says:

    Robert Sapolsky is brilliant and insightful, as usual.

    EDIT: Here is Part 2:

  • Dan Landrum says:

    Professor Sapolsky Explains the Origin of Religion

  • Antony Burt says:

    The brain on religion.

  • Jeff Zahari says:

    Talk about being on top of your material.

  • Marco Brieden says:

    Interessante Vorlesung zum Ursprung von Religion.

    Professor Sapolsky Explains the Origin of Religion Part 1/2
    Professor Sapolsky Explains the Origin of Religion Part 2/2

  • Kuba1309 says:

    21 people are catholicks…

  • GMLSX says:

    At least it apears to be the same kind of class room…

  • Hannu Marijarvi says:

    What a dumbass, you talk like you’re smart, and might be, but you can’t
    prove Unicorns aren’t real, no-one can, and anyone that thinks otherwise is

  • xytoplazm says:

    If you love talking about the Bible and church fathers so much, please
    don’t involve me in your crusade. I am talking about the man in the video,
    not about your Christ.

  • Jr Fibonacci says:

    @Enginmaster To you, color and sound have meaning because of your
    subjective experience of various perceptions, some of which you label
    “colors” and others which you label “sounds.” However, the label “sound” is
    linguistic. A dog might hear a vibration that you call “ultra-sonic” as in
    beyond sound or not sound, yet in fact the vibration is merely beyond your
    hearing. To label a vibration “sound” is a way of relating to it. Labeling
    is distinct from perceiving, which is independent of labels.

  • Jr Fibonacci says:

    @Enginmaster You say you are laughing. Why? Is it from joy? Is it from
    stress? Is it from anxiety (fear)? Is it from pride that covers shame? You
    are afraid of your anger, which is fine, but that repression will yoru
    relationships and bring you to having the free time and interest to have
    this exchange with me. You are fishing for compliments and validation and
    doing it by casting insults and arguing. I compliment you for your
    persistence and your interest, but not for competence or maturity.

  • Dorian Mattar says:

    Irrational? Hum, we will believe your god is real the very minute you prove
    Allah isn’t real. Go ahead, make our day.

  • 00GreyEyedGirl00 says:

    What University allowed this kind of class?

  • Jr Fibonacci says:

    @Enginmaster Well, you are the expert here on mental ill will, sir, so I
    will leave that subject to you. However, on another subject, you apparently
    have not been paying attention to the scoreboard which I have right over
    there (can’t you see it?) which clearly shows that I have 43 valid points
    while your total score so far is “negative 0.” Your performance so far has
    been so pathetic that I wonder if you have even read the rules. By the way,
    your religion is antagonism, which I am against. 😉

  • Dorian Mattar says:

    Yes the doctrine of heaven and hell. They are paying the very church that
    tells them that their brother is going to hell and they still bow in
    acceptance it without any issues at all. They’ve turned my sisters into
    someone who is ok with watching their own blood burn for eternity. (whether
    it’s true or not) How I’m I supposed to be nice to them? Sorry, it’s
    insanity, pure and simple. But again, I just have to let go and let bygones
    be bygones. I’ll take a “Fukeitoll” and forget it.

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