Putin Speaks About His Baptism [English Subtitles]

January 7, 2012, about 3 AM. After the Christmas service at the Transfiguration Cathedral in St Petersburg, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin speaks to the repor…

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24 Responses to “Putin Speaks About His Baptism [English Subtitles]”

  • HayabusaSenToTai says:

    and in the meantime, the gays are hammering Barilla for speaking up for
    Christian values and the traditional family. Good luck to the west…

  • lemuel dela rosa says:

    He ain’t a Western puppet

  • TheAloudin says:

    so soft spoken, yet so bad ass

  • Michael says:

    If Putin is a Sincere Christian, and I have no doubt he is, then I pray to
    God he is president in Russia for many many years. God bless him and the
    Russian People

  • Itellthetruth93 says:

    Christians are being persecuted in the United States because they give
    their allegiance to a ‘God-man’ and not to Caesar. 😉

  • xlbronco says:

    Few people in the west know about Putin because the leaders of the west
    don’t want you to know about his Christianity in the same way the ACLU
    warps the “separation of Church and state” into meaning no display of
    religion in the public.

  • Francesko263 says:

    Only Great Mother Russia can save Europe and the world from americanization
    and islamization. God bless Holy Mother Russia! God bless Putin and his

  • SlavicMaleChorus says:

    Владимир! Быть примером власти Бога. Следовать его учению, и вы будете
    вспоминали как Владимир Великий!

  • USNStalion says:

    When will the US government realize that their satanic crap will never be
    successful? I would support Putin over Obama.

  • Carnin Provido says:

    i admit putin hes not like those western president that make their speech
    on white palace with dosen of security man in a secure place hes a badass
    making hes interview on a open place with no security man around him god
    bless russia and putin

  • addis11100 says:

    wow putin was a christian since he was baby. I did not know that.

  • Rick Cain says:

    Who does Obama worship, well it sure isn’t god.

  • ClemJCES says:

    The fact that Putin acknowledges the value of Christianity by becoming a
    member of the Orthodox Church puts him a cut above U.S. President Obama in
    God’s eyes because Obama has no Christian morals to show the people he
    claims to represent. A Christian leader of a people can at least be
    approached on that level to achieve a peaceful accord, but what can one do
    with a leader who throws his people under the bus when he has no further
    use for them?

  • xerakis says:

    God Bless Putin and the Christian Russian people!

  • mmpo22 says:

    this is why russia is going in in every aspect of life and america is going
    down hill to destruction.

  • atukazhit says:

    I am pleased to know this about the President. My hope is that he is
    repentful and actively prays to the Lord for guidance. God bless President
    Putin as well as all Russian people!!

  • ann I.C. joachim says:

    Is Vladimir a Catholic? I wonder if he knows what has been going on with
    Rome since 1958? youtube.com/watch?v=Xk1EKcj6lfI

  • soapftw96 says:

    Shame America and Russia cant get along we’re not that much different

  • MisterMM .M says:

    you russians are very lucky. you have a christian leader. this is what the
    rest of the world lacks. please keep your religion intact. you young
    russians keep your self away from the westernization. the west has already
    destroyed christian teachings for paganism and the dirty homosexual
    orientation. be aware that they do this by order of devil in the name of
    human right issue. God bless you President Putin!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fernando Dovas says:

    This is a true leader. I respect leaders who repect and follow their
    traditions, leaders who service their country and not their own
    interests….and today there is only one leader like this, Putin!!

  • Doyle Odom says:

    @chonesong: perfectly put

  • John Booker says:

    This is great to see. Pres.Putin spoke from the heart in the direction of a
    man who was not going to use this time of year to push a political point .
    Unlike Barry (Americas 1st openly fag president)who looks for every chance
    to sell out not only his manhood,but his soul.

  • Steve D says:

    CZAR PUTIN , God blessHim !

  • paul johny says:

    Quite strange if putin is xtian,,then why usa is after him..Seems usa has
    some people who are not xtians but ..more of a business opportunist.. and
    having some agenda…actually against xtians themself..Usa ..should start
    looking for these hidden agenda people..Best of luck..Just wish usa and
    russia trust each other..

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