Question for everyone…….no matter what religion or whatever?

Question for everyone…….no matter what religion or whatever?
Why can’t we have more fun and goofy questions?

What happened to humor that isn’t sarcastic and stupid?

Why can’t we make fun of one another without intending our jokes to hurt anyone and why can’t we let people make harmless jokes at us?

Write a joke….I don’t care……something goofy and funny but something that everyone would probably laugh at.

Here’s one from me, now you write one too……..

I went out to eat at Fridays tonight with my boyfriend,
I ordered the brownie obession desert and they waiter told me that they didn’t have any more nuts, I said, “aww man” and the waiter said, “Yeah it’s just not the same without the nuts.”
I said, “Thats what she said!”

Get it? Pass it on and put type your own.
It’s starting to get boring being serious all the time..but I LIKE this section. I just wish that everyone would lighten up a bit cause I am starting to get mad at stupid things now. Lets all just lighten up and be cool,who cares anymore about who believes what. Lets just all be cool and ask our questions and answer our answers and have fun, we are all just human anyways right? You have to deal with stuff like this everyday out in the real world, at least when you are at home on the computer you can try and get away, right? Come one people…..write a joke.

Best answer:

Answer by Ivy
well it’s hard to expect lightheartedness in a section about religion, when religion is one of the most personal subjects you might ever discuss.

Leave your answer below.

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16 Responses to “Question for everyone…….no matter what religion or whatever?”

  • Amanda says:

    There is a category for fun and goofy questions. But I did wish people here would stop getting so mad at each other.

  • Aaron S says:

    Ok this one is just wrong…but…I can not help it.

    Q: What is black and blue and hates sex?????

    A:The 12 year old in my basement.

    That is horriable…..

  • Smart Ash says:

    ok, but ur askin the wrong person to do this. Once i start, there’s no end…..

  • sun will shine again says:

    some things are fun

    most are serious

    serious problems

  • Muffie says:

    Knock knock.
    Who’s there?
    Interrupting cow.
    Interrupting cow wh—

    Hey, it’s a sure-fire winner with the kindergarten set.

  • Beverly B says:

    That was cute and gave me a smile.

    This isn’t a joke, but my 3 yr old son is just the cutest. Today we went out to the library and then came home on the bus. When we got home he said ‘That was quite an adventure” ehheheh he has a better vocabulary then me.

    Oh this one is a joke my niece told me when she was four, not sure where she heard it but BOY did she think it was funny.

    How do you make a Kleenex dance?

    Answer: Put a little Bogey in it.

  • Jesus M says:

    That is already considered chatting. Go to the chat room.

  • inthrutheoutdoor says:

    Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t…

  • rrobby137 says:


  • beletje_vos says:

    I don’t get the joke. I’m horrible at understanding jokes. O_O

  • Mawyemsekhmet says:

    Ok. Not a joke but it is funny. My 4 year old told me the other day that he wanted to learn spanish so he could go to China.


  • chance likely says:

    Remember that humour isn’t a virtue in Christianity.

    Why don’t Buddhists vacuum?

  • mar1188 (^. . ^) says:

    From the play, ‘The Odd Couple’.
    Scene: Oscar Madison is arguing with Felix Ungar
    “Oscar– You leave me little notes on my pillow. I told you a hundred times, I can’t stand little notes on my pillow! ‘We’re all out of corn flakes, FU’ It took me three hours to figure out that FU was Felix Ungar!”
    (It took me years before I got this joke.)

  • ozzzy518 says:

    wheeeerse…the beef???

  • element_115x says:

    Here’s a religious one:

    The time had come for St. Peter’s annual three week vacation, and Jesus volunteers to fill in for him at the Pearly Gates. “It’s no big deal,” St. Peter explains, “Sit at the registration desk, and ask each person a little about his or her life. Then send them onto housekeeping to pick up their wings.”

    On the third day, Jesus looks up to see a bewildered old man standing in front of him. “I’m a simple carpenter, says the man. “And once I had a son. He was born in a very special way, and was unlike anyone else in the world. He went through a great transformation though he had holes in his hands and feet. He was taken from me a long time ago, but his spirit lives on forever. All over the world people tell his story.” By this time, Jesus is standing with his arms outstretched. There are tears in his eyes, and he embraces the old man.

    “Father,” he cries out. “It’s been so long!” The old man squints, stares for a moment, and says, “Pinocchio?”

  • Kayla D. says:

    So a guy walks into a bar….
    Yeah right, I don’t tell jokes upon request.
    This is the Religion and Spirituality question section, not the cliche joke section. Religion and spirituality are touchy subjects. Most people get irritated with little jokes when they, and everyone else, are being serious and asking serious questions. Making jokes on this part of this website, to me, is like telling knock knock jokes at a funeral; It doesn’t mix well with the emotions everyone has.

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