Religious Hypocrisy 101

In the first call on the 6/2 Freedomain Radio Sunday Show, Stefan Molyneux talks to a listener about leaving Mormonism, finding atheism, the darkside of musi…

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25 Responses to “Religious Hypocrisy 101”

  • Neanderthalcouzin says:

    This video has such a bad ass thumbnail!

  • brnmbrns says:

    I grew up like the first caller and was ‘tricked’ in to church with music. I eventually grew in to a worship leader cause I love music. I renounced my christian faith last year and the only hard part of it was giving up music. My wife didn’t like that I didn’t want to have potential children of ours in church, but instead to have a choice what to believe. They could hear my side and they could hear her side. That alone was a bad idea. Needless to say, I’m now happily divorced without kids.

  • chrstilen5 says:

    I just want to point out that the LDS don’t teach that there is a hell. Hell and heaven is the passing stage after your earth life, were you have the last step in becoming the person you are. It is not the “BURN!” kind of hell. It’s called that because you don’t have the Gospel with you. Then you go to the different heavens, depending on your character.

    It’s kind of an important thing in the LDS. Like the main point of it.

  • lifelessperson1993 says:

    If you voted, in the elections, you were responsible…

  • Invading Melody says:

    rachel maddow? funny you mention her, since your comment about bloodlust goes right along with some propaganda i heard her spew. that us citizens didnt do enough to stop the mid east wars, as if we choose that war. yea right 50 thousand + folks in every big city protesting not to go, i reject attempts to guilt me about those wars. it had nothing to do with me. ‘turn the other cheek’ may b bull meant to sedate you when you r wronged. sounds like hypocrisy we hear in politics

  • Invading Melody says:

    im not into church but stephen with his daughter and illness said he would have security if he was in church. so wouldnt that be some of the “at best religion is?” i would say these books have a lot of valuable knowledge that has been occulted. i believe in a creator. it was many years experience and critical thinking to get there despite arrogant church goers that ‘know the only way’ and you philosophers that think there is no god cuz you are the only critical thinkers.

  • Telcontar1962 says:

    One thing he couldn’t get away from is tribalism. When you need help you go to those you have some connection with, this can be family, but it also could be countrymen.

    The group can be big or small but instinctively it can’t encompass everyone. This is where labels such as racism (which I believe he does use), has no real meaning and is just as destructive (perhaps more destructive) as the thing it is supposed to be railing against.

    We are all tribal to one extent or another even the speaker

  • 000cjr says:

    just tell them you don’t believe in god keep it simple the more you say the more room there is for conflict. that’s what i did it worked quite well. don’t bother telling people at church unless they are your friends just stop going. understand some people who where your friends will stop being your friends. leavening the Mormon church is a process good luck.

  • 000cjr says:

    if he stays with her there will be enormous social pressure to get him to come back to church. his lack of belief may vary well become a source of tension in there relationship especially in matters of lifestyle tithing, porn, sunday activitys, tea, coffee, there sex life and how they parent. i grew up in the church

  • PandaLogic101 says:

    Which of his axioms are incorrect? You really should include this kind of information or you are just arguing by assertion.

  • 635574 says:

    I have noticed the holes such as mitaking neos name for nero or saying that christianity bible mentions any sort of hell as in the christian meme. that is why you can never let your inner form on anyone else. as inforamtion catches up with the info catchers(lol), I have recently discovered the astounding amount of proof that earth and all other space bodies have been growing over the last 200 million years, which completely explains the receding seas. I mean what don’t you find on Viewzone.

  • sadol11 says:


  • Brian Eddleman says:

    stefan preaches from incorrect axioms. Logic only leads to truth when it begins at correct axioms.

  • rmeddy1 says:

    Stef you made me cry with this one

  • PandaLogic101 says:

    First off, indoctrinating children is a form of aggression as the initiation of force does not always need to be physical. Coercion and manipulation of children through lies and fear tactics is also a form of aggression.

    Secondly, the monotheistic religions cause individuals in a society to be amoral. This because they command the following of dogmatic rules regardless of how irrational they are or how you feel about them (e.g. if God orders you to kill someone then you kill them).

  • DiseasedMoss says:

    Again, so long as nothing is done against one’s life, liberty, or property, there is no problem. Characterizing religion as dangerous in the same manner as aggression is bad reasoning.

    Additionally, for all that religion supposedly introduces against logic (and I see little that would actively CRIPPLE a society) , there is the ethical/moral arguments proposed by religion such as forgoing aggression (the basis of anarchy) and helping the poor (via charity and not force, of course).

  • PandaLogic101 says:

    Did you not watch the video? Stefan clearly outlines why religion is not desirable and why the outcomes of religious practices are irrelevant when it comes to philosophy. All that matters is whether or not it is true. Indoctrinating people into religion, requires convincing them to suspend reason and skepticism in favor of blind faith. At best, religion is antithetical to an intelligent, well-informed society capable of critical thinking.

  • NeoMaxim says:

    in reference to the rulers of the world rant near the end of the video, whose “They”?

  • DiseasedMoss says:

    That’s a very weak similarity at best. Christianity in particular, when it’s not preached by a violent hypocrite, is about respecting each other, and can form venerable communities of interaction (Stefan has acknowledged that much before). As long as no force is being exerted, there is no problem, and for most religions, that is not an issue. Bad people are the issue and religion can work to stop that.

    Additionally, any radical step against religion would require force, which is hypocritical.

  • Mike Christ says:

    No idea how that would work. Monotheism preaches one god, of course; government preaches just the same, one ruler. If there was a free society in which most people practiced such religions, they’d inevitably lead to what we already have, or break away from the religion all together, preferably all religion, where in place would be knowledge and rationality. The point in time where Christianity exists in any free society would be very short, for one of two reasons, as described above.

  • BarringtonDailey says:

    Let’s face it, I think USA is a nation of Jews, eye for an eye, yada yada. Even on Sunday evangelist TV they hardly talk about Christ anymore, just god

  • DiseasedMoss says:

    Religion is not an issue as long as it is a choice. In a free society founded on principles of non-aggression, it would probably be preferable to have widespread religion founded on Judeo-Christian ideology (again, so long as it is a choice).

  • Utahdropout says:

    Stephan, are you arguing in favor of “Love you enemies”?

  • littlestucky1 says:

    Judeo Christians are not followers of Yeshua Christ. I don’t call myself a ‘Christian’.

    Your lack of knowledge of the Jew does not make me wrong. Most people are lazy. Just tell a Catholic about Jews behind the 30 year war and Vatican II and they give you a blank stare.

    Most are ignorant of the letter of the law.

    Christ came only for Israel. No one else. Only those predestinated will return to the farther

    h t t p : / / kinsmanredeemer . com/WhyWeHateJews . htm

  • littlestucky1 says:

    Cont –

    “For I am the Lord thy God, the holy one of Israel, thy Savior: I gave Egypt for thy ransom, Ethiopia, and Seba for thee”. – Isaiah 43:3


    “Fear not, for I am with thee: I will bring thy seed from the East, and gather thee from the West”. – Isaiah 43:5

    Did Jews migrate eastwards? Why is every White country being flooded with non Whites and who is at the heart of it?
    Time to start digging up the old history books they no longer print and are trying to destroy.

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