Religious Idiot insults Atheist on Public TV

This interview was conducted on the occassion of the Global Atheist Convention in Melbourne.

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25 Responses to “Religious Idiot insults Atheist on Public TV”

  • QaTaR0Gas says:

    don’t worship Cow, don’t worship idols, don’t worship human being, Don’t
    worship money, don’t worship stars, don’t worship the sun or moon, don’t
    worship this wordly life, but worship the creator who created them all. The
    one who created you. he puts for you eyes which much better than any kind
    of new camera, puts for you eras so you can hear the things around you,
    puts for you a mind which is much complicated than any super computer that
    have ever been made. gave you hands to move things easily and fingers to
    hold things, legs to move you anywhere. and so on so forth. and then he
    made for you a male if you are a female or a female if you are a male so
    you can love each other and keep the race of the human being. all of these
    signs are not enough for you guys ? I believed in the one only true God and
    I believe that Moses, Noah, Jesus, Abraham, Muhammad and others peace be
    upon them all are his prophets and messengers.

  • hitmanhornster says:

    Is it only me who wants to punch the presenter right in the mouth, against
    atheism because his pay cheque says to do so…

  • Sonja Grinstead says:

    Genesis 1:1 …”In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And
    the earth was without form, and void, and darkness was upon the face of
    the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the water. And God
    said, Let there be light ; and there was light.. And God saw the light,
    that it was good, and God divided the light from the darkness, and God
    called the light DAY, and the darkness he called NIGHT, and the evening
    and the morning were the first day.” The chapter of Genesis is the full
    account of the creation.
    T H E N He created man and woman to have dominion over everything on earth
    and to bear fruit. He set His law saying “Man shall not lie with man;
    nor woman with woman…” God created man to discern good and evil.
    The overwhelming evil today has brought the judgments of God for world
    rebellion and gross national sin.
    EVERYONE should read Genesis KJV and to come back to the God of Abraham who
    created the universe and all that is in it!
    There is only ONE LORD, ONE FAITH, ONE BAPTISM of the God of Abraham
    through f a I t h in Jesus Christ. John 3:3 Quote of Jesus, “E x c e p
    t ye be born again (in Him) ye will not enter the kingdom of God.”
    God is n o t a God of c o n f u s I o n!!! …creating thousands of what
    are manmade powerless religions and cults warring against each other with
    hate, massive confusion because of differing false unbiblical doctrines
    of MEN!
    There is only ONE HEAVENLY BAPTISM of the Holy Spirit which is NOT the
    powerless u n b I b l I c a l manmade doctrine of “sprinkling water on
    Read Genesis and be blessed! The time is short before the return of

  • BlkOnyx488 says:

    What flawed logic. The interviewer ask, “Take Richard Dawkins…Nobody
    doesn’t know what he thinks, why do they need to listen to him say it
    again?” This is the dumbest fucking question ever if this guy is a
    Christian. I mean Christians are expected to go to church every week for
    their entire life and listen to the same dribble week after week. I
    attended a church for about 5 years, by year 3, it was pretty obvious the
    pastor was saying the same thing all the time. You go to any church for
    longer than 12 months you will hear the same scriptures repeated over and
    over and over again. And yet you are expected to keep listening to this
    crap repeated for a life time, or more if you believe you will make it to
    heaven, OMG what if there is church in heaven, another good reason to be
    an Atheist.

  • Jim Fortune says:

    Why do they need to hear it again?
    Why do you need to hear someone reading from the Bible that you supposedly
    already know every fucking Sunday?

  • Calum. says:

    religion is a disease, Atheism is the inoculation that is slowly immunizing
    the human race against it.

  • Servals says:

    The last question irritated me. Atheism, for the most part, isn’t about
    trying to disprove a religion. We don’t need to. If you’re so delusional
    you believe in talking snakes and bearded men who can walk on water,
    there’s no way anyone can talk sense into them. It’s best to treat them
    like rabid animals; just steer clear and let them die off, hoping that they
    won’t spread their delusional beliefs. 

  • MakarasTube says:

    Ok, he is a bit harsh on him and does not let him answer properly (yes-no
    questions to hard questins), but a real insult never realy did happen here.

  • leglessinoz says:

    Paul Henry is a twit. He and this show are no longer on TV.

  • Issa Moe says:

    well science says that for every action there is a reaction. atheists will
    have you believe that when discussing the basic question of where did we
    come from (life) that this universal law need not apply. that the world
    created itself and therefore there is no god. but in the real world we can
    see that life is just too complex, everything too precise, everything with
    a purpose that there must’ve been a creator. there is a creator. 

  • Major Payne says:

    Christians are so… ignorant. They claim that some immortal being went
    bipidy bopyed boo and created everything and have no evidence on this. Now
    it’s common sense that Christians throw out math and science which mankind
    work so hard on and implant a religion that is so ridicules that it will
    throw off the mindset of future geniuses. I believe we should make everyone
    Buddhist sence it is peaceful, usefull, helpfull, and will focus on
    education and will let humanity see what is there in the universe. Both
    spiritually and mentally.

  • MrErathon says:

    Why go to Church if you have already read the bible and know what’s in it,
    just to hear a preacher tell it to you over and over again. Is what he
    should have said in return to listening to Richard Dawkins speak. 

  • Cesar Cepeda says:

    Christian bullying at its finest.

  • David Fischer says:

    I don’t think the interviewer really insulted anyone, he was a little
    hostile, sure, but I can’t find anything that’s even close to an insult…

  • Roderick Wade says:

    The host is hilarious. ‘Atheists from around the world gathering to a
    convention to talk and share their “lack” of belief’. What a ridiculous way
    to spend your time and money in effort for equality in society. 

  • soulmoll says:

    The interviewer in typical christian fashion came from a point of
    vulnerability which says a lot about Christianity itself. whereas the
    atheist composed & in a knowing state handled the questions like water of a
    ducks back..I’ll give the christian religion another 20years for it’s
    survival as their flock are thinning & dying out & the young have different
    ideas about reality & especially with the information hwy at their
    fingertips make the contrasts even more transparent..leaving them to choose
    a better preferred reality over 3rd century logic.

  • AximKK92 says:

    That video title is way off-base, I thought it was actually quite a
    reasonable discussion, and I’m an atheist.

  • Michael Vekstein says:

    Wow, so much more calm and intellectual than American news…

  • sharkshockey19 says:

    Australian fox news?

  • James Meszaros says:

    Ridiculous question “Are Christians Stupid?” yes or no answer… Terrible
    question. Very poor interviewer. Are Christians stupid? The answer is: some
    are and some aren’t. The same as any other group of people.

  • jjaus says:

    Yep, the atheists are the stupid weird ones. Occasionally they hold
    conferences with stellar contributors. The superior Christians go to church
    every week to hear the same old bullshit they’ve heard before and all the
    flowery biblical verses that deal with love and understanding and not
    slavery and genocide. Stupid atheists.

  • LethalxDeath says:

    Since 2012 Atheism in Australia has grown from 22% to 25%. And Christianity
    has dropped from 63% to 58%.

  • RuleofFive says:

    Wow this interviewer is a GIANT ASSHOLE! Under his logic why would
    christians go see the pope since they already know what he thinks? What an
    idiot!!!! I applaud Jason for just stating the facts as he did. The only
    one in that interview with a “giant chip on his shoulder” was Paul.

  • dan hay says:

    Interviewer = Bit of a prick

  • Christopher Lannon says:

    Why was he being since a dick from the start. Not a good way to get

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