Religious Slaughter without Stunning

Religious Slaughter without Stunning

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25 Responses to “Religious Slaughter without Stunning”

  • yogesh saxena says:

    The instrument of status quo upholding the traditions of ANGLO-SAXON
    JURISPRUDENCE and resisting radical innovations in the use of judicial
    power is no more in existence. Concepts such as “RULE OF LAW”,”SEPERATION
    introduced by the passage of time. The “JUDICIAL RESTRAINS”, “JUDICIAL
    PRECEDENTS”& “CERTAINTY OF LAW” were used conveniently to avoid and dilute
    the effect whenever it was so required. Thus the resultant legal culture
    was the same as we have in pre-independent days. The expansion of the
    Doctrine of LOCUS STANDI to the citizen and democratisation of remedies are
    not on speaking terms. Thus the role of Locus- Standi is required to be
    dealt with by Judicial activism by the courts dealing with the
    Constitutional rights. There are very less number of fundamental right &
    larger number of duties imposed in the chapter dealing with fundamental
    right in our constitution of India. Except the right conferred
    under Article 19, there is no individual fundamental right to the
    citizen . There are some collective right to the citizens . The rest
    of the Articles are the fundamental duties of the government towards
    its citizen .
    The promised “ TRYST WITH DESTINY” to achieve the change were determined on
    the interpretation of the constitution. The judicial power are often not
    represented in judicial forums and appears to be at the receiving end of
    mal-administration and subjected to exploitation for the litigant. The
    greatest contribution of judicial activism is to ensure the feeling in the
    mind of common citizen that he may represent in judicial forum.

  • Vahab Malik says:

    Not one of these animals is slaughtered correctly by the guidelines of
    halal, kosher slaughter. These animals are not halal. May God guide these
    humans to the right path. 

  • Tashi Dorjee says:

    those who kills animal without stunning is nothing but a evility.If
    religion than shit religion.
    If any religion have no feelings for the pain of animals we have to shit on
    such tradition and religion.

  • muhammed turk says:

    Youtube : american slaughter house watch the video with all those turkey’s
    message me the comparisent

  • MEKLAFIR says:


  • Tashi Dorjee says:

    Those who kills animals without stunning…kill them first or send back to
    their home.

  • Bundyboy#1 says:

    There we go,religion again,the major cause of death and suffering on this
    planet. The sooner people wake up to this the better for everyone!

  • Linda H says:

    More atrocities committed in the name of religion… The animal doesn’t
    care one bit about blessings or your “faith”. Stunning, when done
    properly, is the fastest method for larger animals, and should be

  • Xaminer003 says:

    I rather be killed without stunning and live as a healthy animal than live
    in a cage with a broken body and get stunned because it’s “faster”

  • Monique Glanzer says:

    gman57or do i have to call you pussy go to hell idiot you are making me

  • Fridge760 says:

    This is islamic. Stop saying its not. Even if its not how does islamic
    killing differ so far from what these people are doing? Still let it belled
    out right?.. takes about 2 mins for the poor thing to finally die.

  • Dhruv Rathee says:

    This is worse than what hitler did to the Jews.

  • Fridge760 says:

    Nope your an idiot. lol.

  • Joe Plant says:

    Watch Steve Best’s videos.

  • Zeeshan Pathan says:

    unconscious without pain watch Mercy Halal Islamic Slaughter

  • Aboe Salienah says:

    Fuking animals. That is not a proper way to slaughter. U have to take time
    with the animal those assholes just want to make fast money

  • katie H says:

    I think it is so fucking wrong that stupid loop holes in something so
    important like animal wellfair allows animals to die in a painfull way
    because of what? because of some old fucking book that has been rewrighten
    and translated so many times its a pile of bullshit so you dont evan know
    whats what. it shouldnt be allowed its descusting.

  • navaro250 says:


  • Fridge760 says:

    Your being retarded. An instant gun shot to the head is more humane then
    slitting a throat to bleed out for 2 minutes…animals cant talk to us…
    so we cant tell for sure what hurts them and what doesnt.but when you see
    them rithing on the floor kinda throws up a red flag that they not handling
    it too well..again in a perfect world they make a perfect cut EVERYTIME and
    the animal goes sleepy sleep in under 10 secs… not reality though and
    certainly not certain. Hence this video and 1000 others

  • MrBMWF30 says:

    Fk halal way of kill, fk their fked up religion.

  • Ben Gillis says:

    Roberta just shut up no one feels like hearing ur vegan shit if u no like
    then don’t watch simple

  • MrPotatoesLatkie says:

    What about a full metal jacked bullet? I don;t think they break apart, or
    infect the meat, however, they may be considered military rounds and, not

  • K. Chan says:

    The problem is that in developed countries, the economy is such that
    skilled workers don’t work in slaughterhouses. Stunning can be done with
    great accuracy by machines but throat slitting cannot. Religious
    slaughtering should not be allowed in developed countries.

  • Elliot Kneba says:

    This is not true at all. The vertebral artery still provides blood to the

  • Fridge760 says:

    Not about the killing for food… the manner in which they are killed. try
    to stay with the program here bud.

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