REPUBLICANS, can you explain why a red state like Mississippi refuses to marry a Black couple in church ?

REPUBLICANS, can you explain why a red state like Mississippi refuses to marry a Black couple in church ?
Now if that is not one of the reasons why people have doubted and criticized the church of today’s world. The real church is so reluctant of afraid to denounce false prophets and congregations.
How long must we sit around and not acknowledge the fact that the GOP is misrepresenting
religion and The Pentacostal Community. Racism is still at play here today. Do you agree ?
This story is about a mainly White congregation or church that refused to marry a Black couple.
This was in the state of MS. What do you think about this.

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Answer by Jenna
I have experienced more racism in Massachusetts than Mississippi

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6 Responses to “REPUBLICANS, can you explain why a red state like Mississippi refuses to marry a Black couple in church ?”

  • ? says:

    Dude, it’s Mississippi. I have a summer camp there and let me tell you this, the people are pretty trashy. With that being said I do have a friend there who’s father was the Commodore of the Yacht club. A very nice one to thanks to Katrina. Mississippi is either Upscale or trashy depending on where you are. Most of the in between people come from New Orleans(I know 9 families with camps over there). Seriously though, who honestly cares?

  • ? says:

    I think you are trying to project the views of one small private church on the entire state.

    Church/State? I thought You liberals were all about keeping those issues separate?

    Why would a black couple go to an all white church to be married? Were they trying to prove a point? NAWWWWW, Couldn’t be!

    I am white, My wife is Black, and we were married in a Tiny Pentecostal church in the heart of the ghetto in Ft. lauderdale, Fl.

  • ehverno2b40 says:

    Doesn’t have a thing to do with Republicans, IT’s Mississippi

  • Jason says:

    What does this have to do with republicans? Im a republican, and i havnt the slightest clue what your referring to

  • Di says:

    Well, it was one church not an entire state and it was wrong and, the pastor tried to rectify it even though some of his congregants threatened to vote him out of the parish.

    I found the attached article very interesting as it gives more information on the outrage “”It’s not reflective of the spirit of the Lord and Mississippi Baptists,” Futral said. “It’s just a step backward. … It’s a sad thing.”

    There is much stupidity by some who claim to be “religious” – in addition to misguided churches who refuse to marry interracial couples. This isn’t religion, is just hateful and wrong. As a conservative, I am disgusted. I think your combining the GOP with this outrage isn’t helpful either. People are flawed on either side of the aisle.

  • evader23 says:

    it wasn’t the state of mississippi it was ONE CHURCH that did this. MOre to the point one pastor of one church the people of that church were outraged and it did compermise they he’d marry them at a differant setting

    Get facts stright before posting please

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