Reza Aslan vs The Religious Snitch

Reza Aslan vs The Religious Snitch

I give my opinion on Reza Aslan’s views on religion from The Yung Turk Show Original Video Info on Josephus http:/…

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24 Responses to “Reza Aslan vs The Religious Snitch”

  • TechnocraticBushman says:

    And another, because it makes poor George Orwell do 500 rpm in the grave, making dead righteous people an untapped source of renewable energy, this historian explains the difference between truth and fact. Let it sink in for a minute. The irony of it all is too blatant to convey in words. It’s like watching Bill O’Reilly.

  • TechnocraticBushman says:

    And besides, even if they show he existed, even if they find his mother’s gynecology exam results, it’s still a looong way to go until you get to the Son of God status. My mother did not have sex therefor I am right does not fly in the XXI’st century. Remember, Chuck Norris was born by an aunt, cause nobody dared shag his mother.

  • TechnocraticBushman says:

    Jesus was a common name back then. Even more common then it is in Latin America today. Likewise Mary and Joseph were common names. So what’s the deal? Being a Messiah back then was a franchise back then. One of Jesus’s competition is even mentioned in the Bible, namely Simon.

  • The Religious Snitch says:

    thanks for checking me out, Tyrone. I think I got a new video coming soon.

  • Tyrone Thompson says:

    Wow the last last argument I’m Muslim but nah… SHM LOL

  • Tyrone Thompson says:

    Facts vs Truth what??? Wow

  • Tyrone Thompson says:

    Thumbs up bro. in other such debates the religious persons tends to take the bible completely out of the equation instead of defending it. Either way it comes down to faith vs without faith in a God or Gods, and we know that the dictionary definition of faith is the firm belief in something for which there is no proof. I just wish we all could wake up and use religion as a past learning experience. Any who great video man.

  • Mahdi Ahmad says:

    Atheist too believe in a positive assertion: that a non-intelligent force, entity, being or cause is the reason for existence. Atheists have yet been able to prove this positive assertion. Plus, religion and the issue of whether or not God exists are two different issues.

  • The Religious Snitch says:

    dear troll, shut up. 

  • TruTubeSector100 says:

    @thereligioussnitch .. look here playa ..u lucky im leaving the team ,i should slap the shit outta bitch..the highbeams r on u.. i mention dont try to play my team..u knew u was a snake the whole time..nothing get pass me evrn when im asleep

  • mcdonagh4 says:

    Good rebuttal . Well done.

  • The Religious Snitch says:

    ..and how are you a “HUGE FAN” of mine if you subscribed to my page when you made this comment and this was after you watched Tommy Sotomayor’s videos and subbed to his page? You trolls have to try harder, lol.

  • The Religious Snitch says:

    pigeonholing me whatever video you saw of someone else criticizing him. This isn’t a debate, if it were a debate between me and this “historian” it would have been much worse for him because his premise is flawed and no amount of study could help him. This is me showing someone how a person could not buy into the bullshit of religion.

  • The Religious Snitch says:

    I know he was talking as a “historian” I am not fucking fox news! That even backs my idea even more. A “HISTORIAN” STILL did not state a logical or good reason to believe in a religion. Also at the end he gave his answer as a religious person, NOT a historian. It’s as if you didn’t watch this with an open mind and saw what you wanted to see when I showed him the most respect and gave detailed answers so much so that I cut an hour and half video down to 36 minutes so show ME the respect of not

  • The Religious Snitch says:

    and then ask people and WANT PEOPLE to watch their entire video so you are NOT a fan of mine to accuse me of some dumb shit like that. This is NOT a random video and I CLEARLY EXPLAIN why I chose this video which is to show it doesn’t matter how much someone knows or studies religion, the premise or idea of believing in a religion always falls on a reason that doesn’t make sense. This is the PERFECT video to show that because it isn’t of someone I dislike or does bad things.

  • The Religious Snitch says:

    I think it’s disrespectful to accuse someone of something without a shred of evidence. 1. i purposely and SPECIFICALLY cut out the smallest portion i can THAT STILL RETAINS THEIR INTENDED MESSAGE out of respect. I even recorded how I do this and challenged anyone that does this to find something I cut out that was different than how the person intended it and I’ll delete the entire video, but I had to cut that portion out of me saying it for time. I even put their ENTIRE video in the description

  • anubis2814 says:

    Not sure if you annotated it, but Josephus himself was not a fraudster, His writings however were in the ownership of a christian family who’s father was Eusibius, a well known forger who is quoted as saying that if it brings more people to god then lying for Jesus is ok. There are multiple copies of the Josephus text and his is the only one mentioning Jesus and its weirldy out of context. Check out Archyfantasies : you own personal jesus series for more info.(my gf)

  • Sonny Williamson says:

    I just discovered this channel and have become addicted to your eloquent incredulity. You’re fantastic!

  • kahluaqueen says:

    Had to come back to this, he said they interested in truths not facts so what are facts, how is he allowed to get away with this shit lol

  • Matt Oxley says:

    One Correction – It wasn’t that Flavius Josephus was the fraud – it’s that the Testimony regarding Jesus was a fraud.

  • Ram Queen says:

    You would’ve killed it if you’d mentioned the 10 of jobs children that was intentionally murdered according to gods permission just to prove a point to satan. I brought that up with a christian and he told me “you’re not seeing the bigger picture.”

  • blizzard762 says:

    Reza’s notion that the Bible was written with more concern for broadly applicable moral lessons (what he arbitrarily defines as “truth” here) than specific historical facts is absurd. The NT is unequivocal: if you don’t accept the divine existence of this Jesus dude, you will be punished eternally. Everything else is mere glitter.

    Reza is the quintessence of so many theologians. Their weasely wordplay turns them into wet bars of soap that you can never pin down.

  • Wierdopinions5832 says:

    Young Turks not yung Turk

  • klhcc says:

    Excellent video. As you say, you’d accept none of this guy’s ‘evidence’ on any other subject so why have an exemption for religion?

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