Richard Dawkins takes on Religion on Al-Jazeera TV – Part 3 of 4

Richard Dawkins takes on Religion on Al-Jazeera TV – Part 3 of 4

December 22, 2012 Fanaticism, fundamentalism, superstition and ignorance. Religion is getting a bad press these days. Much of the conflict in the world, from…

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25 Responses to “Richard Dawkins takes on Religion on Al-Jazeera TV – Part 3 of 4”

  • zhephir1 says:

    Retard, “mankind is only muslims”

    The arabic word is, “An-Nas” -EVERY1

  • ace roger says:

    the guy in 7:18 asking the question to richard dawkins is despicable
    it’s as if he needed the quran in order to figure out the moral issue of whether killing another human being is like killing the whole of humanity
    it’s as if without that specific verse in the quran to which he pointed out, he would not know for himself whether killing is evil, and he’s in the 21st century
    if that’s the kind of morality that his parents taught him to which he agrees, he should just drown himself in gasoline

  • emeraldmisst says:

    8:32 I love how Hasan changes the subject before Dawkins can respond, pathetic.

  • podmoreir9kd says:

    Religion is fine for weak minded people who are happy to be enslaved by religious teachings.But science answers the real questions,how was the universe formed,where do we come from and thousands of others.Religion has over the years given a framework for society to function,but has been abused by both the church,mosque,countries and individuals to further their own wealth and power.If you are truly religious then killing is never justified,no excuses.

  • charlieking100 says:

    Mehdi you shameless cunt. 

  • memet comet says:

    lol. true… religious brainwashed cunts,,

  • charlieking100 says:

    Mehdi Hasan believes in a flying horse without evidence, but somehow needs justification about everything science stands from Prof. Richard Dawkins. What a shamelss creature!

  • jaddy320 says:

    at 8:34 this woman’s statement is illogical especially if she is an athiest … she clearly rejected the very own “evidence” argument without any knowledge or background information,,, Quran refers to Kain’s slaying of Abel is killing of mankind, the word mankind literally means mankind

  • stefanos2691 says:

    If that man’s almighty god appears, I would demand tests to check the nature of it. If science proves it’s true, then I would prosecute it for crimes against humanity, inability to help justice & stop criminals committing crimes on it’s name & then start a campaign to exile it from humanity as an evil sadistic entity who has refused to protect us & help us from natural disasters. It’ll have so much to answer for that I’m pretty sure it’ll escape justice by itself.

  • mode says:

    Have we really created something new in our science research that does not really exist in the universe?
    Have we invented anything, anything, from something that does really not exist in this universe?
    So what do you want to prove? God exist or not

  • Snape75 says:

    The Lord Almighty condemns.

  • Leonardo F. Olsnes-Lea says:

    The woman at 8:49 says something about infidels, but this wrong. There is the dhimmitude, that connects Islam with (in the modern sense) all other religions, perhaps also humanism, but in the Quran it refers to specifically Judaism and Christianity, perhaps also to Bahai.

  • Leonardo F. Olsnes-Lea says:

    The science under religion is now answered by “Pontifical Academy of Sciences”, see Wikipedia, that the Vatican has enlarged greatly by all good science, excluding the “science under Hitler”, i.e., science of torture, psychiatric malpractice etc., and all other unethical science that files under “evil”/malice/beastial etc. to the Vatican/under the Bible.

  • deschainct says:

    The penalty for apostasy is death. The quran is VERY clear on this. Denying this is just…dishonest

  • AllTheseWorldsAreUrs says:

    Interesting that the imam has an ipad (a product of science) instead of a book. And how religious people attack each other with weapons of science instead of throwing books at each other. Science works… religion is useless.

  • Jim James says:

    What’s the matter Jason, things a bit slow over at Glop and lop?

  • MrFireboyFTW says:

    that fat guy dressed as a priest was so annoying

  • AlbertFloor7 says:

    IQ IS OVER THE -9000!!!!

  • kons rav says:

    “Many of our leading scientists are believers”. No, no they are not!

  • kons rav says:

    “Many of our leading scientists are believers”

  • boomtao says:

    Isn’t it amazing how kindly, politely, eloquently, patiently and honestly Richard Dawkins answers all these questions. Each tine I hear him speak at occasions like this my respect and admiration for him grows.

  • MrBaldable says:

    “I came off like I was in disagreement with you.” No worries mate, it happens. 🙂

  • Tides137 says:

    This was a pleasant interview. But man i hate that picture that this channel was using. Franklin was a deist and Lincoln was strongly christian and Einstein was like a weird semi deist and followed a concept entitled Spinoza’s God

  • Piss Off says:

    Superb interview. 

  • TheInformedAtheist says:

    I would agree that modern neurology does a great deal to push our understanding of these types of phenomena.

    I came off like I was in disagreement with you. I’m not sure why I framed my response in that way. But I would agree that we are making great strides in our knowledge of how the brain works in these sort of emotional responses.

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