Ruins of church in Bapaume


Ruins of church in Bapaume

The church is framed by a hole in the brick wall through which the photograph is taken. The church itself still remains fairly intact although the roof has been blown off and the buildings round the back are falling down.

A lot of French architecture and land was devastated by prolonged warfare as scenes like this typify. It took many years for the re-building to be completed.

[Original reads: ‘THE FALL OF BAPAUME. Ruins of church in Bapaume.’]

St. Ignatius Church Van Ness Ave.

Title: St. Ignatius Church Van Ness Ave.
Alternative Title: Saint Ignatius Church, Van Ness Avenue
Creator: Stoddard [attrib.]
Date: 1906
Part Of: San Francisco earthquake

Physical Description: 1 photographic print: gelatin silver; 15 x 20 cm.
File: ag1982_0186sx_28_stignatius_sm_opt.jpg

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