Satanism In The Music Industry: Lucifer Shows up at Super Bowl 47- Beyonce EXPOSED

Another Great video exposing Beyonce Part 1 – & Part 2 –
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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25 Responses to “Satanism In The Music Industry: Lucifer Shows up at Super Bowl 47- Beyonce EXPOSED”

  • CROBN says:

    Crazy stuff..

  • mochaIluv says:

    is she missing teeth

  • leshem041 says:

    Wtf your looking at face expressions lol. Like that milk carton that says

  • Christine Rietsch says:

    Us witches are not Satanic you dork. Plus your horrible camera work is not
    proof. It’s only proof of your bad camera and video work. 

  • Brian Tyler says:

    “Beyonce is a child murderer”? Haha what?

  • VBlaZexHD says:

    This guy sounds brainwashed himself

  • Christopher Whedon says:

    You sir are simply out of your mind! We see what we want to see so
    obviously you you see demons in beautiful women you could never have! Get a
    life dude! Rev.Christopher

  • nick21805 says:

    OMG get a life Beyonce is probably laughing her damn ass off at this shit
    do you really think she has the time to plan out “Ok guys so I have to put
    in the eye of satan so I can put trick the world also can you put like
    devil lights in the background” like wtf it doesn’t even make sense Y’all
    sitting here spending all this time on this while Beyonce sitting on PILES
    of millions and you can’t even afford the light bill, water bill, or has
    for your car please 

  • John Beam says:

    Inspired culture used to be about love and turning people towards higher
    and positive aspects of human behavior. Now all cultures have turned
    towards pornography and death. People world-wide are being primed either
    for mass suicide or mass murder.

  • daveth3king says:

    1) Her eyes didn’t change. She just closed them more, making the white area
    less visible.
    2) Her neck didn’t change. She was just straining/flexing it causing her
    tendons and muscles to show because she has a low BF%.
    3) Her tongue did not change at all.
    4) Stop wasting your time. There is no hell. Read your bible.

  • David Karres says:

    LOL. Stupid. You need to get your head examined dope.

  • Darrylizer1 says:

    massive idiotic fail

  • facepalm486 says:


  • Corinne Jordan says:

    Crobn…stop giving the enemy so much credit and so much air time. 

  • Kingsley Zissou says:

    I love Christian paranoia, especially when someone spends their time
    teaching it to their kid, instead of concepts like science and reason.

  • M. Main says:

    Fucking scary, I can’t look straight into her eyes without feeling some

  • ToddWentworth says:

    this bitch has empowered so many hoes to do some of the most hoe’est shit.
    bitches go out on they periods just to dance to this bitch, and look for
    the D.


  • RuththeRuth Less says:

    its true.. if you hear her songs backwards, you can hear her giving praise
    to lucifer/satan. This is not something people should take lightly, the
    stuff shes singing called love, is just sweet sweet icing over
    something horrible, us listening to her and many more other artists is just
    opening door ways for demons to enter us.This is all very wrong in the eyes
    of the LORD!. As much as many of us denies this, saying that this is the
    21th century those stuff don’t exist..or noo Beyonce is such a nice person,
    she would never do such a thing… sorry..this is all real. Glad you made
    this video. 

  • ladedade23 says:

    maybe its weird camera angles.. but its undeniable there was a unnatural
    bulge in her throat.. her eyes were black as fuck and her who facial
    demeanor did change.. I’m an atheist as well but the footage didnt lie im
    not going to say its demonic perhaps adrenaline and such but his commentary
    was correct concerning the transformation

  • Nate Bergman says:

    Came just to dislike.

  • Carmen Morales says:

    I love Beyoncé her music is awesome and some of those thing are probably
    tricking of the light plus I’m an atheist and I don’t believe in any of

  • brizzx32 says:

    By the way Crobn nice editing your vid, with a VHS camcorder.

  • recazdeef55 says:

    I feel sorry for your kid, hopefully shell see through your bullshit when
    she gets older.

  • Mameke Kamara says:

    Thank you my brother u really make a big statement here . But one important
    thing u yourself missing is Allah. Allah is one and only there is nothing
    can change that. Jusus (may pice be up him) Jusus is massager form Allah,
    jusus just a human being like us we should not pray in his name.we should
    be praying in Allah name only because Allah is the that created of the
    heaven’s and the earth. Thank you. 

  • Roberto Crescenza says:

    fuckin craszy!! how did you see that.

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