Scientology Bombshell (ACA 7 Feb 2013) – Jenna Miscavige

She was once a high profile member of Scientology. Now, she’s left and is speaking out against it. It’s the bombshell rocking the church as she reveals what …

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25 Responses to “Scientology Bombshell (ACA 7 Feb 2013) – Jenna Miscavige”

  • Ernest A. Pérez L. says:

    Auditing is a form of brainwashing. I saw my friend holding those beer cans
    and I couldn’t believe that a person that I once thought of as being
    intelligent could go for such idiocy. We lost a fifty plus year friendship
    over Scientology.

  • BalmOfGilead07 says:

    Scientology is Not of GOD, but of the devil. There should be No Christians
    following this religion.

  • futureworks6116 says:

    You would think these WACO Scientology folks would change there tactics,
    maybe not follow around people with camera’s – my ex would do that with my
    son drop up and pickups, really bizarre behavior, I feel bad for these
    nut-bags, paying 10000’s of dollars to feel better about yourself. Got an
    idea, take a nice walk everyday, become more loving to others…these
    people who are interested in joining need to read-up on how Hubert started,
    such a con man. Keeping your children from the parents is so sad…..They
    need shut down, our GOV needs to step up and close em down ASAP

  • Phil Col says:

    anyone here actually been in the sea org? 

  • Shawn Larsen says:

    Brave woman! I wish her all the best.

  • mentalphysicalism says:

    If you are married to a Christian, there is usually strong pressure to
    become a
    Christian. Religions are tribalistic and intolerant of the others.

  • Phantomofthedisco1 says:

    There are days that I think humanity is headed in the right direction, and
    then there are others when I think everything is just going to fall apart.
    Why anybody in their right mind would fall for such stupidity is not
    logical, and it is not just this religion but most if not all, that do
    these sorts of things.
    I really hope that one day, people will wake up from their dark ages
    mentality and get rid of religion once and for all.

  • philbyification says:

    SUPERBOWL AD? Didn’t the NFL just deny a SECOND AMENDMENT group airtime
    recently? wth?

  • PattiL007 says:

    People who escape from this “cult” all tell the exact same stories…about
    cruelty, abuse, neglect, child labor, family separation, extortion, and
    wholesale manipulation…yet every time the Scientology PR machine says
    these people are crazy or “disgruntled” and anything else that they think
    might discredit them. The thing is…when EVERYONE who got out is telling
    the SAME stories…well…smart money says these Scientology nuts are doing
    exactly what all these escapees are saying they are doing. They get away
    with all of it because of our religious freedoms…I guess Manson should
    have claimed that…he might have gotten off, too. And where is their
    fearless leader’s wife? Leah Remini actually filed a missing persons report
    on her because she hasn’t been seen in so long and because they were
    friends, but the Scientology machine shut that down fairly quickly and the
    law backed off…even Ms. Remini has stopped talking about her. I guess
    they scared her enough so that she finally backed down too. Because of the
    financial requirements to enter and/or advance in their “religion,” they
    have quite a bit of power. So very sad for the members who aren’t rich
    Hollywood stars…

    Wouldn’t it be just horrendous to get tied up in this? No offense
    Scientologists, but come on! The leaders are telling you when to sit,
    stand, or go to the bathroom…and you’re ok with that? I don’t get
    it…then again, I’m not a big Tom Cruise fan either…so glad this young
    lady is finally free.

  • Hog Florida says:

    I’m glad I’m too much of an anarcho-capitalistic sociopath to ever fall for
    stupid goddamn bullshit like religious and political control.. much less be
    treated like garbage by other people without wacking a motherfucker..

  • mark white says:

    tell cruise hes gonna be grand puba and he will believe anything jim jones
    would be proud

  • JRRjrrr says:

    L. Ron Hubbard was a big follower of Aleister Crowley. That should tell
    you just where Scientology is coming from.

  • mcguffin says:

    Cult and Mind Control……this is why so many within believe the lie.
    look up mind control studies and books, you’ll see what C. of Scientology
    does to its members. 

  • Rob A says:

    So many escapees form this cult seem to be so negative. Expressing such
    negative comments is probably is not something they are doing for money, so
    my bet is they are authentic and truthful and sincere. Which means
    Scientology is a sick perversion of a science fiction author’s “winning” a
    bet that he could create a religion from nothing that people would follow.
    Sickening and psychopathic! And the SuperBowl ads…you are not fooling
    anyone, except the very gullible that often get sucked into cult
    membership. Scientology is not science, and it is not religion either. It
    is sickening and abusive, and ought to be stopped.

  • John Doe says:

    scientology is a suppressive controlling cult. 

  • James Ballard says:

    Why don’t people attack this church as bad as they attack the Christian

  • Dominic Campbell says:

    WOW twisted truths and lies that was a waste of my time. 

  • valshifter valshi says:


  • SuperShockjock says:

    All religions are cults…christianity is a cult of human sacrifice, it
    just was one of the first and been around a lot longer…

  • Raul Q says:

    Tom met somebody shorter than himself and finally felt THE POWER!

  • Rob Moran says:

    Scientology threatened my life decades ago… I was only visiting it, never
    joined but did some great radio satires on it in SF….death threats until
    I turned them into the FBI and local authorities. It’s a total scam.

  • Duane Kosmicki says:

    Personality Test … bogus religion … been there done that … thank my
    lucky stars I figured L. Ron Hubbards scam back in Oahu long ago!

  • Harry Batson says:

    complete lies

  • lucanavigator says:

    Scientology is simply SCARY but most people do not want to look into it and
    prefer to think these are just weird “normal” people. They are NOT.

  • Morph Verse says:

    This is some freaky shit!!!..

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