Scientology – Tom Cruise’s former auditor speaks about Cruise Kidman divorce

Scientology - Tom Cruise's former auditor speaks about Cruise Kidman divorce

One former Scientology official, Marty Rathbun, is speaking out about what he said he witnessed at the time of Cruise’s 2001 divorce from actress Nicole Kidman.

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25 Responses to “Scientology – Tom Cruise’s former auditor speaks about Cruise Kidman divorce”

  • cheeseplant7 says:

    people need to know that this devil is openly a scientologist still, he
    just left the organized institution in which he committed all his crimes
    (and was never brought to justice for any of them) – under direction or
    otherwise- to start his own scientology-based organization with
    rinder. that means he still believes in xenu- that’s not a hero, that’s a

  • Eee Bee says:

    Good on you for speaing up Marty

  • Pat Goldberg says:

    L. Ron Hubbard’s own son says none of it is true. His Dad just made it up
    as he went along. Makes me wonder just how smart is Tom Cruise, Kristie
    Alley, John Travolta? I don’t think any of them even finished high school.
    If so they just squeezed by. We already know what brainwashing can
    do……………Jim Jones!!

  • Harvey Peever says:

    CBC is doing another good job of exposing the cult tonight

  • Jon Kon says:

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  • Charleston Jew says:

    when he accepts his homosexuality.

  • poopedinyourmouth says:

    holy crap starting at 0:40 this guy starts to shape shift into reptilian
    form a little bit then gets control back 0:46. The stress of talking about
    Tom must have made him lose control

  • Sarah James says:

    Tom cruise best friends with David Miscavige…nough said.

  • ScattySafari says:

    Poor Nicole. I read recently that Bella has flown and is in contact with
    her. I hope this is true.

  • shelleyannbeme says:

    In other words, they were brainwashing innocent kids.

  • assfuckt says:

    Tom Cruise is also a known closet gay. Apparently he was solicited for gay
    sex by one of the producers from 20th Century Fox, a Mr. Phillip Goldfarb,
    who was later instrumental in convincing Jane Feinberg to cast him in the
    1983 movie, “All The Right Moves.” In more ways than one, ‘Tom Cruise’ aka
    Thomas Mapother (real name) then a total unknown, made All The Right Gay
    Moves which landed him a leading role, and launched his career to
    super-star billionaire and then on to Scientology enslavement.

  • OmniREADY GUIDE ON M4TV says:


  • bumcheek7 says:

    Tom Cruise had Nicole ‘Disconnected’ – SICK FUCKS! Boycott these actors and
    actresses that belong to this freak mind control cult. $cientology is
    NEVER, EVER WRONG – notice that? Google Paula Cooper about their terrorist

  • davidenespana says:

    I don’t think so. I think he’s a psychopath. Psychopaths aren’t mad. What
    they do has logic, but is entirely selfish. All other humans are seen
    simply as resources to be exploited.

  • Eileen LeValley says:

    I think ministers call that…..counseling not auditing…….Weird.

  • Mary Avila says:

    They early on advertised they were NOT a religion, tha tis until they got a
    7 million dollar tax bill. Then they quickly filed to become a non-profit
    organization…a church. So it was about money. The whole thing is about
    money. Its sad becuase there are some nice people there. Working very
    hard….for nothing. Peanuts.

  • Mary Avila says:

    Not until it affects his bottom line.

  • J Baterato says:


  • djMissMixit says:

    Anyone who is sucked into a cult must be mentally unbalanced. This
    organisation should be shut down as it is not a religion, it is a form of
    brain washing. (even though some may argue Christianity is also such a
    thing, at least they pray to a God.) I don’t understand how Scientology
    gets listed at a religion. If it was a form of pyschotherapy at a clinic
    would be more honest, but that wouldn’t give them power I suppose.

  • lbs9264 says:

    Tom is a nut,

  • Dehzee says:

    That cult organization (church-lol) has an excuse to cut down every
    escapee. Sorry, not buying it.

  • Scott Scown says:

    HUH AMAZING a man admits to conspiracy to commit child abuse amongst other
    crimes, and does so on tv yet he doesn’t answer for it because he’s changed
    his views? Thats a messed up Judicial system. This guy wasn’t a victim of
    the CoS he was one of the people giving the orders, where is the disconnect?

  • Harvey Peever says:

    naconon totally discredited by former execs tonight on rock centre.

  • Ciaran Ryan says:

    Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder were David Miscaviage’s right and left hand
    men…they are out of the Church. When is Tom Cruise going to join them?

  • Harvey Peever says:

    david miscavige is a mad man.

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