Secular Jewish Israelis: How connected are you to Judaism?

Secular Jewish Israelis: How connected are you to Judaism? Want to know what Israelis and Palestinians in …
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25 Responses to “Secular Jewish Israelis: How connected are you to Judaism?”

  • sksman71 says:

    This is just like the U.S.A Most of the world sees us as a predominantly
    christian nation but most Americans are now secular.We are all mixed up but
    yet we identifie being American.Israel sounds like a Hodge podge of mixed
    Jews from all over the world but have a common cultural/religious link to
    one another.


  • Taha Kair says:

    “i am jewish atheist” can anyone explain that to me please ? 

  • brian messinger says:

    Understand, then, that those who have faith are children of Abraham.

    So those who rely on faith are blessed along with Abraham, the man of
    Clearly no one who relies on the law is justified before God, because “the
    righteous will live by faith Gal 3….

    this says that God People are those who Have faith-that is His chosen
    people –Yes His chosen people—dont let anyone tell you that the jews in
    israel are God chosen people.. this is a lie, and false teaching–Gods
    people are the people of Faith in Jesus Christ Jew or Gentile….. Jew
    will never be chosen of God, less they come to Jesus Christ—so the jews
    in Israel are reprobates, their destiny is hell, they are outside of Gods
    kingdom, —–but what could be worst—–that is when people call them
    blessed, chosen, special, and that God loves them—this is speaking
    falsely about God–God hates evil, and all their deeds—why call evil good
    and good evil— there is only one chosen people of God, only one Loved
    people of God–and that is the people that Jesus poured out His blood
    for—-The Christians. the blood of Abraham——- means nothing—the
    blood of Jesus means everything– application= stop calling the jews Gods
    people, and start calling the christians Gods people.. no buts, ends
    about it.

  • BannedHumor says:

    problem is that there’s another stream of israelis that are getting closer
    to religion and in this day and age, it’s dangerous.

  • boliussa says:

    I see what you mean. Same genetic ties or ancestry(race), different
    culture. But when people talk of different ethnicities, they usually mean
    different race different culture. And to confound that, the Jews from one
    area look different to Jews from another area, so you could say there are
    races within the race. Also Sephardim drinking Arak, Ashkenazim drinking
    Whiskey, pickled herring. It’s more culture of others where they lived. Not
    specifically Jewish.

  • jeff61177 says:

    what’s the matter, did I shed light on your cancerous logic?

  • xXvolhvXx says:

    The ancient cultures you mentioned, Roman and Greek, never really went away
    completely; they only morphed. Did you suppose that the Jewish culture of
    today was the same Jewish culture from before the Exile? Sure, there are
    these similarities, and the essence may have remained, but differences also
    abound. If you mean the Hebrew language, then yes, the rule applies to it
    as much as it does to many other elements of culture (see “biblical

  • David Lev says:

    …No, that’s incorrect. Religious Jews say that the land was promised to
    Abraham, when he arrived there 4000 years ago. Both religious and secular
    Jewish Israelis are claiming an ethnic/cultural link to the Levant (a link
    borne out by genetic studies, by the way). Actually, some really religious
    Jews claim that Israel is illegitimate because it was created by men and
    not G-d, and are waiting for the Moshiach to come to establish a proper
    Jewish theocracy (in place of Israel)

  • Golan Aharoni says:

    Thats the problem, Jews started as Canaanites in Canaan, the story of the
    “promised land” was just made to explain how the early Jews got there, they
    didn’t want to be like the other Canaanite groups, so they tried to
    distinguish themselves from the Canaanites in order to form a unique

  • Mohi Michigan says:

    israel is a Laïc country

  • jeff61177 says:

    When you say that I don’t care to understand you are right. I don’t care to
    understand why Israel needs to be a jewish homeland, because there dosnt
    need to be a jewish homeland. Good governments are usually protectors of
    rights of the people who live within its borders. Israel does not do this.
    Israel favors jews and shuns the arabs that already live there. It’s unfair
    and wrong PERIOD.

  • jeff61177 says:

    We have already established that there is no scientific thing called race.
    Therefore if you are not religious what connection do you have to Judaism?
    cultural? If you don’t believe in God, isn’t it asinine the celebrate the
    holidays? No God, who chose the jews then, why a homeland? why not a
    secular nations that does not give preference to Jews.

  • Golan Aharoni says:

    They dont have to believe that “god” gave them this land, they just lived
    there before “Palestinians” even existed.

  • שרית עומר says:

    (2/2) Once again, you deleted your comments. But here is what you said:
    “The difference is that the Jews think they are entitled to rule over that
    horrid chink of dust despite the fact that other people always have and
    still do live their. And Palestinians think its ok to kill anybody to prove
    a point. Like I said before If there was a god he would have flooded you
    all out of existence long ago, but there isn’t so we all have to put up
    with your immaturity.” – jeff61177

  • Meero1993 says:

    I am an ex-Muslim and I am an atheist. I don’t have any connection to
    Islam. I do have connection to Middle Eastern culture (the good sides of
    it). But the religion I threw it in the trash

  • שרית עומר says:

    Israeli ideology is based on “racial purity”? I’m curious to know what race
    are we Israelis. And what on earth is “Racial Judaism”, little boy genius?
    Please, do tell.

  • jeff61177 says:

    It doesn’t really matter. This is the classic Israeli defense “I’m not
    racist because your racist….so never mind how racist I am….” It’s all
    bullshit. Israel is the biggest fuckin hypoctite country in the world.
    Worse even then the USA. God gave us this land….but we are all atheists
    from Ashkenazis from Poland and Russia who palyed false falg and stole land
    from indigenous people.. Everyone sees through your bullshit.

  • שרית עומר says:

    You watch this one video and leave with the impression that most Israeli
    Jews are irreligious? You do realize that these are only eight Israelis out
    of millions other. They make up not even a decimal of the population, you
    simple-minded dolt.

  • quad core says:

    Ok if a jew says he or she is an atheist, how do you claim to be chosen?
    How do you claim that God gave you Israel if you don’t really believe that?
    Hahaha Israel… The “holy land” lol XD full of atheist Jews from Poland
    and Russia… What a fucking joke!

  • jeff61177 says:

    Sorry it was Chunk as in Israel is a lousy chunk of dust.

  • שרית עומר says:

    That is why you revise what you’ve written before posting it.

  • MBenYossef says:

    Many other nationalities have their own nation-states. Neither “Celtic” nor
    “Nordic” are nationalities nor ethnicities, but umbrella terms for
    linguistic groups, but indeed the Irish (who are of predominantly Celtic
    heritage) have independence in their own nation-state, as do Danes, Swedes
    and Norwegians. Many Welsh and Scots want the same. Jews, like Danes,
    Finns, Koreans, Thais, Bulgarians and Albanians have the same right to have
    national self-determination in their own nation-state.

  • David Lev says:

    There are some who make that argument (the national religious, usually),
    saying that Isaac is Abraham’s inheritor and Ishmael isn’t, but it’s worth
    pointing out that most secular Israelis (and Jewish Israelis in general) do
    support a two state solution (at least in theory)

  • jwithy00 says:

    a lot of them are atheists but keep shabbat and holidays?

  • TagMehirTzedek says:

    Everyone needs to see these (at least) 2 video- 1) Torah and Science-
    /watch?v=h7AIUn8VcjI and then 2) /watch?v=wQKrwfJ_4FA

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