Seymour Duncan – Pearly Gates & Custom Custom

Seymour Duncan – Pearly Gates & Custom Custom Soundcheck Guitar: Carvin DC200 with maple body, maple neck and ebony fretboard. I just did a couple quick exam…
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25 Responses to “Seymour Duncan – Pearly Gates & Custom Custom”

  • StephenAnthonyMusic says:

    That guitar sounds waayyyyy too bright. Harsh top end.

  • Dylan b says:

    What is the backing track to this solo?

  • HeritageDirt says:

    lovin the tone man, love that pearly gates!!! and great gary moore style

  • StereoDeth says:

    @HeavyBlues84 Personally, yes, it works for thrash metal. But I haven’t
    tried it with deep tunings though. If you are not in the situation of
    finding a pup for a maple body, I’d suggest the Seymour Duncan Distortion
    Mayhem Set. I recently carved a neck cavity in my other guitar and put that
    combo in it. It’s a nato body, with maple/walnut neck and rosewood or ebony
    fretboard. You could say nato is kinda like mahogany (not the same, but
    similar features). It works great! Cheers!

  • redrocker1055 says:

    Well that came out of nowhere. I was about to turn it off but so glad I
    didn’t… Damn fine playing, brother!

  • StereoDeth says:

    @Sephy7777 Line6 Pod Studio UX1

  • claude labine says:

    Wow…Right on brother nice clean sound. You are very talented. Many hours
    hours of hard work. Rock on brother

  • Tamon K says:

    Thanks for your reply. I’ll reflect on it.

  • a300mayer says:

    sounds amazing. loved the solo. would you consider throwing a lesson
    together on the solo for us less talented players, thanks

  • VanPlayzGuitar says:

    Well very nice, it’s actually the Custom and Custom 5 that say “for warm or
    balanced” and I assumed the same was true for the Custom Custom, I have an
    alder guitar with Maple neck, flame maple veneer, Tremelo and all that, so
    it leans bright. And it is hard to find decent pups! I’m definitely
    considering the Pearly Gates because I play Old Country, Blues, and Classic
    Rock, which I know it can handle great. The only problem is I also play
    70s- 80s metal and I’m not so sure if it can handle that

  • steinmetzify says:

    HELL YES!!!! Great tone, Guy…….no wonder you’ve been chasing
    this…….cleans sound badass; got some Rev Gibbons in there, and it kills
    for blues too. Good job, brother. Stein

  • Bananimal981 says:

    the sustain sounds great

  • Matthew Warrenfells says:

    nice! kinda has a david gilmour sound to it. siq

  • i3oosted says:

    A SD PG in the neck is pure sex.

  • VanPlayzGuitar says:

    Wow man, nice demo. I had read that the Custom Custom was pretty much for
    “balanced or warm instruments” but your guitar is the brightest guitar I’ve
    ever heard of with all that maple and ebony. What gives? That little
    warning is what made me turn away from the Custom 5 and search for Pearly
    Gates clips. What gives?

  • StereoDeth says:

    @Usercool Hm, it depends. I was very frustrated with my Carvin DC200. It
    seemed that hot pups don’t work with that hard maple body (too bright,
    undefined and crumbling sound), but someone gave me the link to SD’s CC pup
    and SD wasn’t lying. The CC and PG work great with brighter guitars! Just
    used a 500k pot, no cap and done. 😀

  • Roma Ruh says:

    Hello, man it’s great! What is the song you are playing? Thanks!

  • Gevalt says:

    Damn, that sounded gooooood. Me wants me own Pearly’s!

  • Kasey Pettit says:

    thats one awesome tone.

  • HeritageDirt says:

    lovin the tone man, love that pearly gates!!! and great gary moore style

  • StephenFiorentini says:

    I had a pearly gates put in my Ibanez AS73T. Wanted that pickups since

  • KaleidoscopeEyesTV . says:

    That sounds sweet! I have a Schecter with a maple/walnut neck-thru (with
    mahogany wings) and a flame maple top. I have the Jeff Beck and the 59
    combo. I really would like to change the bridge out to the CC, but now I
    wanna change the 59 too, that’s a sweet sound.

  • ztikmaen says:

    Oh my tone god! That is amazing tone!

  • StereoDeth says:

    I know alder & maple is a difference (you could say it’s between warm
    mahogany and bright maple), but my personal experience with the PG neck pup
    and metal is really good. Overall I’m using the PG most of the time, mainly
    because I practise neoclassical leads or play some relaxing tunes with
    clean (slightly distorted) sounds. It’s easy to get a rock GnS type sound
    with the CC, but i.e. thrash metal takes some time because this bridge pup
    has a “headstrong” punch…hard to explain.

  • Jim Kubitza says:

    When I listen to a pickup demo, I expect to hear the pickup … CLEAN. I am
    NOT INTERESTED in what it sounds like with a bunch of effects or
    distortion. If it sounds good clean, it will sound good with distortion and
    effects … but not the other way around. This is not a demo of the
    pickups. It is a demo of your playing (which happens to be great).

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