Should i leave my religion?

Should i leave my religion?
I am depressed. I cant do anything without it being wrong. My family is an opressive extremist orthodox jews. I am a 15 year old guy and im not supposed to : use the internet, read secular books, listen to any “non-jewish” music, wear anything other than black pants and a white shirt, cant talk to or touch girls till ready to get married, watch movies or tv, go to college. I think i should leave this oppresive religion but i dont know how…. how do i tell my parents that i dont like this and have them let me do my thing without them looking down on me. Any answers?

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Answer by Geoff Peterson
Yes turn to the dark side of the force

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  • Fenrir says:

    You arent supposed to use the internet? You are on it right now.
    If you snuck on somehow, wait until you are financially independent of your parents, then leave.

  • Spock says:


  • Ali says:

    Beg mercy from Allah and convert to Islam. You will be all right

  • Katie says:

    DHE STOLE 20 FROM ME YOU PIECE OF S H IT ps of course leave it, if u don’t believe, don’t proceed < that original just made it up

  • John Goodman says:

    Your looking for the real truth and its normal and very natural. Your family does have their best intentions for you, do not forget that. Do not get angry with them because they do not understand. Find your truth and when you do, there will be peace with your family. If you straight out say you are not going with their religion while living in their house, their might be problems. Demonstrate your individuality but only in peaceful terms. In due time, they will sense your “rebellion” and might oppress you, be prepared. Stay strong and know that anyone who has made history broke the rules…there is no rules…Life is free and beautiful…Express yourself.

  • kaganate says:

    Assuming that this is not a troll —

    You don’t need to leave the religion.

    Alot of what “ultra-Orthodox” communities do are communal customs rather than Halakha.
    Learn the Halakha, then, as you get to an age for independence, argue respectfuly with your parents.

    Find a “centrist Orthodox” or “modern Orthodox” learning program and realise that you can live within Halakha and wear Jeans, go to movies, etc.

    Of course – even the Hassidim are going to college nowadays.

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