should Scientology be considers a religion.?

should Scientology be considers a religion.?

should Scientology be considers a religion.?

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Answer by Bob Vila
Sure… why not. Its not really any crazier than anything else… its just a new story.

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15 Responses to “should Scientology be considers a religion.?”

  • punch says:

    Gee, I don’t know. Does it follow the definition of a religion?

  • TheZell says:

    Why shouldn’t it? It’s has the same validity as any other religion out there!

  • Jüra says:

    That would probably be an Atheist.

  • Uncle Bob says:

    More of a cult.But no different from the others.

  • Steven says:

    The Russians, Kazakhs and Belgians don’t seem to think so.

    Fab, TW, I did not make those videos. Those videos are from official Russian, Kazakh and Belgian news sources. If you don’t like them, take it up with them. Or better yet, have one of your d-bag lawyers like Kendrick Moxon take it up with them; I’m sure you’re organization would love a few more legal battles on its plate than it already has LOL

    Youtube : “Scientology lawyer Kendrick Moxon faces protesters in Hollywood for first & only time”


    Theta Works : “Scientology has over 10,000 Churches, Missions and groups in 167 countries.”

    LOL I LOVE IT when Scientologist make this claim; “10,000 Churches, Missions and groups.” Because it’s so easy to disprove.

    By the way, none of you Scientologists answered my question about your thoughts on the drowning of Millie and Judith Richmond.

  • rebecca says:

    No. It’s a money-making business.

  • Simone says:

    If your in show business, but not if your just a office clerk or go to school. I think people who spend years on a set acting out a fantasy should have the right to delude themselves that the writers and producers of the show are superior beings.

  • Hypotensive Evil Lord says:

    It involves collective belief, rituals, and belief in a spiritual realm. So it generally fits the definition of a religion.

  • Love in Christ says:

    No. It’s a cult, created in 1978 by a man who wanted to cheat people out of their money.

  • Michael K says:

    By the US, it is considered a religion.

  • Azusa Nakano is God says:

    Yeah why not?

  • Fabio says:

    It is already considered a religion by most governments worldwide.
    That’s also why the religion has so many churches in Africa, Europe, America, Asia… even Israel.. and so on.. you can see the churches worldwide on the official websites.

    But yeah, besides personal opinions, Scientology is definitely a religion.
    It meets all three criteria generally used to determine religiosity:
    1) a belief in some Ultimate Reality, such as the Supreme or eternal truth that transcends the here and now of the secular world;
    2) religious practices directed toward understanding, attaining or communing with this Ultimate Reality; 3) a community of believers who join together in pursuing this Ultimate Reality.

    Gee… Steven, the youtube video you posted are ridicolous.
    It even says here that Scientology is a registered religion in Kazakhstan:
    “Other religious registered groups include Judaism, the Bahá’í Faith, Hare Krishnas, Buddhists, the Church of Scientology, Christian Scientists, and the Unification Church.”

  • thetaalways says:

    Scholastic criteria for a religion :
    1. A belief in some Ultimate Reality, such as a supreme or eternal truth that transcends the here and now of the secular world;
    2. Religious practices directed towards understanding, attaining or communing with this Ultimate Reality; and
    3. A community of believers who join together in pursuing this Ultimate Religion.
    Based on these criteria, every scholar who has examined Scientology has concluded that it has the required elements of a religion.

    Here are some of the names of those who have done independant studies of Scientology and made these conclusions:
    Dr Bryan Ronald Wilson Oxford University England
    Regis dricquebourg, Prof of Sociology of Religion Lille University France.
    Prof Lonnie D. Kliever American expert on religion.
    Dr J. Melton Founder/Director Institute for the Study of American Religion (Santa Barbara)
    Dr Frank K. Flinn Prof in religious studies at Washington University.
    Dr M Darroll Bryant Prof of Religion and Culture Universit of Waterloo Ontario Canada.
    James A Beckford Prof Warick University England.
    Michael A Sivertsev. Chrm for New Religions Russia
    Mr Fumio Swanda One of Japans foremost authorities on religion and former director of Sophia University.
    There are many more studies available. These are just a few.

  • Theta Works says:

    “Consider” suggests opinion. Scientology is a religion by definition as it deals with man as an immortal spiritual being (who has a body, is NOT the body) whose experiences span many lifetimes. Religion is defined as that which deals with the supernatural (God, the Creator, the Supreme Being, the soul, a spiritual being.)

    Steven has mentioned YouTube videos that are false. For example, Scientology is a registered religion in Kazakhstan and Russia. A prosecutor in Belgium, running for re-election, says he’s going to prosecute “Scientology” for fraud (never said for what, which is a huge generality and a publicity ploy) but never did. Scientology has over 10,000 Churches, Missions and groups in 167 countries. So, how credible is that? It never happened. Steven has a history of searching the internet for bad news stories and rumors about Scientology and pays no attention to whether those were factual or not or that he missed the debunking of those rumors. He has no credibility in this forum.

  • Voltaire's Child says:

    Sure. It’s a religion that believes in spirituality but does not include deity worship in its practice. Taoism and Buddhism also have that aspect.

    Because of Scientology/s controversial nature, a lot of people do not consider it to be a religion. However, a belief set can be negative or untrue or have flaws and still be a religion.

    Now, if you were to ask me if the Church of Scientology should still retain its status as a tax exempt (in the US) religion- that would be another story. In my opinion, they use the recognition and tax exemption status they get as a get out of jail free card to abuse others and get away with it. Just google Marc and Claire Headley and their court cases, if you want to know what I mean.

    So my views on whether a beliefset is a religion are different than my views and critieria on what should or should not have tax exempt status as a church.

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