Signs Your Marriage Is Over: The 6 Stages of Marriage

Signs Your Marriage Is Over: The 6 Stages of Marriage – Signs Your Marriage Is Over – There are 6 stages ALL spouses go through before they reach the end of the marriage. This vide…
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25 Responses to “Signs Your Marriage Is Over: The 6 Stages of Marriage”

  • Martina Robledo says:

    This is so helpful

  • Christopher Lee Friday says:

    this can happen within a few days literally lol

  • Cecilia Werner says:

    No -_-

  • Alex says:

    Dr, no need to elaborate to men to such things. Men if you can’t handle the

  • Kiana Parks says:

    Super helpful!! I guess the key to a successful marriage is the drive to
    make it successful. Oh and communication. :)

  • Martha LeBlan says:

    I have passed the snap line and I am trying to get to Divorce as fast as I
    possibly can! I hate my husband so much, and the kids only ever get
    punished for every little thing they do! I know it will be hard on the kids
    and myself, but I want a non-abusive relationship or to be alone. I never
    want to live though this ever again!

  • megsflower says:

    Some men try to blame the woman siting her complaining over a certain
    matter over and over again, and calls her a nag, but in actuality the man
    didn’t stand up to the original problem and it was that problem continuing
    that caused her to keep mentioning it, thus she is called a complainer and
    blamed for the marriage woes. It spirals from there.

  • mama rourou says:

    Really scary

  • jq747 says:

    The man resists going to counseling.. and we wonder why? Considering the
    man will always cop 100% of the blame, as this video amply demonstrates.
    This type of thing should be entitled, “the husband shutting his yap and
    doing what he’s told, and other exercises for a healthy marriage.” Next up,
    a group of women complain that more and more men are opting out of

  • Christina Frazier says:

    I am at the point of no return…. Almost the the snap line…. I’m so done

  • Fujiyamamahmah says:

    Man are so confusing. And so are we.

  • Sally Ironic says:

    Love this video. Thanks.

  • Chan! says:

    What if the man is at the snapline?

  • 4567pj says:

    you can never be happy when he keep getting lock up its depressing 

  • AntonioTREY says:

    AS a man this video is one sided,cuzzz I for one am at the point of no
    return,you just showed the female side

  • satiro2777 says:


  • Chipmunk2007 says:

    …..are you kidding. No im sick of it. Im sick of men! take responsibility
    for you own actions! it’s NEVER ONE PERSONS just as much as it is the
    females fault it yours. Men on here talking about it’s the Wife’s fault and
    this video is one sided for one listen to the video and what he said stop
    getting your feeling hurt because stats shows that women are mostly the one
    who choose to leave. for two Im so done and over that whole “oh she doesn’t
    clean the house…etc etc” crap. as a female in the point of no return I
    endured a horrible marriage down right horrible. has nothing to do with my
    up bringing because my parents were married and stayed that way til my mom
    died fact is He was the issue. i was one who started off feeling great
    happy about my marriage clean could not cook but learned. then thing
    change i followed the steps i became confused,struggled,miserable up until
    now. I stop cleaning because i knew he didn’t care so why should I? I was
    depressed and alone for 4 years of our marriage but i fought back i tried
    to tell him exactly how i felt i even bettered myself for him in the
    marriage. started cleaning again and all. and all he would do was cheat on
    me. put me down about everything (literally). make me feel inferior to him.
    tell me my dreams were just words and not real. never support.
    underestimate me. turned his nose up at me. was cocky and conceited. my
    feelings were never anything to him and they actually weren’t not trying to
    hear that whole “it’s not that….” excuse everything i said was veto and
    invalid. i cried my self to sleep every night wishing and praying it would
    get better. i gave everything i could give…then i just got tired and
    couldn’t do it anymore….. so you think the stats aren’t right…… Yea

  • John O'Brien says:

    Some of the comments on this video from my fellow men are pure comedy gold.

  • Mel D says:

    According to this video, I’m at the confused level…..maybe there is some

  • Shawntae Devlugt says:

    this is for males and bias. But helpful. Im the opposite of this.

  • Arachnoscribe says:

    I had two non-negotiable parameters heading into my marriage: 1) the
    raising of voices in anger is not acceptable, and 2) any children born
    should be treated as part of the family, not as the only important element.
    (After living with a dad who was a loud and violent freak, I have become
    intolerant of screaming. It’s been a long time since the day my father
    started to rightfully fear me.) Any bond between me and my ex was broken by
    her choices.

  • Durham Shorin Ryu Karate says:

    I think my wife is past the snap line. She just says that she wants me to
    treat the kids well and that is all she cares about. It is very

  • PLOttawa says:

    I like the music.

  • Miso Soup says:

    You should have shot her…hehe

  • georgeivey1901 says:

    There is wisdom in what he says. Dr Gottman has some very good stuff as
    well. There are many resources, don’t give up.

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