Since the Bible was not written in our language for hundreds of year?

Since the Bible was not written in our language for hundreds of year?
How could anyone study the bible.
And don’t say they knew greek how could we trust anyone not knowing the language ourselves.

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4 Responses to “Since the Bible was not written in our language for hundreds of year?”

  • Peter says:

    They couldn’t. Only the clergy and monks were allowed to read it.

  • James says:

    1. There are people who speak Hebrew today as their first language.

    2. There are people who speak Greek today as their first language, and someone told me that modern Greeks even learn Ancient Greek in highschool.

    Koine Greek (which is the language of the New Testament) is much closer to modern Greek than Ancient Greek is.

    If you want to check how good a translation is, find someone who speaks Hebrew & English or Greek & English and get them to translate it.

  • Winter says:

    They learned languages that it was written in like Greek, Latin, and Hebrew. That is were the pictures came from, they made them so the people who couldn’t read the bible even when it was translated could have some form of communication from the bible; to show the stories. The first English translation was the King James, but it has a lot of problems just like all the translations. At first, only the priests could read and some were dishonest, and so the teachings slowly changed. King James ordered to have a English translation and the translators were told if they made a mistake they would be killed, so they actually changed it some just to follow what they had been doing. The word “baptism” was originally “baptizo” which means “immersion”, but was changed because the churches were sprinkling and didn’t want the King to kill them.

  • wondering says:

    So people are only supposed to study a book or read about something if its 1. In a language they can read and has never been translated and 2. is not more than 100 years old. So that means that all ancient or classical science poetry theater and literature is useless? Goodby all scientific discovery if it wasnt from the last 100 yrs or so, OR if it was not accomplished by a person whos language you personally speak?. No you dont mean that right. You should know that there are over 10,000 ancient fragments and manuscripts of the bible in existence some as old as 300 yrs before Christ and they absolutely support the accuracy of todays bibles. Even secular non believing scholars dont accuse the bible of being untrustworthy in its integrity. It is not debatable. No other ancient book is so well supported as the bible. The world is full of museums that have ancient fragments available to compare your bible at home with. It is as it was originally written. Do you believe in its contents is another issue.

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