So do people believe in “God” because of the “Bible”?

So do people believe in “God” because of the “Bible”?
I don’t understand….

Anyone could have written the bible…

Is there PROOF that “Jesus” or “GOD” Wrote the bible?

Just because what is written in those became true doesn’t mean that the Bible is real.

I can write my own book and say that there will be 13 Hurricanes next year and its possible that it will become true…

Plus why would “Jesus” have the time to write a “Book” lmao

Like I said the “Bible” and “God” and Religion is created to control the population.
I’m done venting… Anyone would believe anything and its funny lol.

Best answer:

Answer by God of the Hipsters
The Christian God, yes that is why… it’s a bullsh*t reason.. but whatevs

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17 Responses to “So do people believe in “God” because of the “Bible”?”

  • scooterpoop says:

    Since the Bible has never been proven to be in error, it’s reasonable to trust the book.

    What you see in this forum is a collection of atheists acting like bigoted children with complaints pretty much on a 10-year-old level of thinking.

    If there were any evidence against the Bible at all, don’t you think at least one of them could find it?

  • 2.718281828459045235360287471352662497757247093699 says:

    They were raised that way. They got hooked on it and now they can’t kick it.

  • lawrenceba549 says:

    No; I believe in the Bible because of God.

  • MPH says:

    No, I believe the Bible because of God.

    2Timothy 3:16
    “All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:”

  • Tao Man says:

    People believe in god for one of two reasons, they are afraid of death or they are afraid of not believing.

  • Wrenage says:

    You need to do a thorough study on Bible credibility. It stands up to tests, repeatedly, and it has for a long time. Start here with all of the articles here:

  • Mpenda Yesu says:

    Its the other way round. People believe in the bible because of God. The word was given by God. For that reason alone we believe it.

  • jose says:

    i guess because there is the believe in a god there needs to be a guide line wat better than the bible even ppl in other religious groups have books similar to the bible so its the other way around because there is a believe in god there is the need for a guide line

  • Fireball says:

    for most it is more ITs A PERSONAL experience of being saved.

  • Livvi says:

    I think by chance the dispels of jesus wrote bits of it down because of like mark 1,john 2 etc but i have no idea where the old testament came from and who wrote it.

    I believe in god because I just think there’s a greater being out there.

  • Tapestry6 says:

    God was worshiped from the beginning because
    man knows he didn’t make the world, nor the sun, moon or stars,
    He didn’t make the animals nor the seeds to plant for food.

    Within your very being there is longing for something more an
    excellence to strive for; Love that knows no end.
    People get arrogant until they try to make something out of nothing.

  • Q&A Queen says:

    Well let me see if I can take this point by point…

    (a) No. People believed in God long before the Bible was written down
    (b) Yes. There is proof that God inspired by Bible. That’s Jehovah God, not his son Jesus. However, if you don’t believe in fulfilled prophecy then I’m not sure what would convince you… assuming you actually want to be convinced. If you read the book of Isaiah and the prophecies about the fall of the ancient world power Babylon and then compare ancient history you might come to realize that it was more than just some vague guess. However, there is also a matter of the bible touching on matters of science and being ahead of the thinking of that time. The bible writers knew the earth was “hanging upon nothing” and that it was “round”. How did that knowledge come to them at a time when the popular scientific belief of the time was quite the opposite
    (c) The bible was written by men that God used as “secretaries”. They had the time.

  • jethom33545 says:

    Some do yes. It had the opposite effect on me. If people read it with an open mind then it makes religion look silly. The story of Noah and the ark is a perfect example. How can any rational person believe it?

  • Simon says:

    That’s not my reason or anyone I know’s reason. Almost everyone I’ve known who believes in God has had some kind of experience to let them know he’s real. Other people are usually raised that way. But why are atheists so obsessed with having proof that he’s real? You don’t have any proof he’s not. So why don’t you let us believe what we feel is right?

  • Robert S says:

    It’s more a case of believing the Bible because of GOD.
    Knowing GOD is a relationship, not something to prove.
    The Bible consists of 79+ books by hundreds of authors.
    The books were written & collected over 3000 years.
    When we call it the Living Word of GOD, we mean
    That GOD inspired the authors for us today.

  • Dennis says:

    I don’t give the bible credit for my belief. I believe in God because i am convinced he is real through personal experience, and the God i believe in is not as cruel and bloodthirsty as men have portrayed him in their books. Gods intent is to guide us, and i believe you to be correct about the control part of religion, for it has always been mans aspiration, though secretly, to be God!

  • Tom says:

    “No” I don’t believe because “God” isn’t “real”

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