Some people think Obama is the “Anti-Christ”… I think….?

Some people think Obama is the “Anti-Christ”… I think….?
Oprah is the Anti-Christ.Why boast and flaut the gifts you give to others?How about them apples?

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Answer by J
LMAO…She is the more likely choice!!

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17 Responses to “Some people think Obama is the “Anti-Christ”… I think….?”

  • Summer Lover says:

    Obama could be :

    I already answered a question like this.

  • Canadian Beachbum says:

    I think that GWB is the anti-Christ and Chaney is the second coming of the devil

  • Cornflakes says:

    I worry about that. At first I loved Obama but now I’m suspicious. He is waaaay too well-liked.

  • Anonimus ;P says:

    W-T-F O.o

  • bookish says:

    I can’t stand Oprah, for the reason you mention: everything is always “me, me, me” with her. But let’s leave the anti-Christ out of it. There is no such thing.
    As for Obama, don’t vote for him if you don’t like his ideas, but you don’t have to hate him.

  • DBett says:

    who cares.

    people should keep their religious beliefs to themselves and people shouldnt bother with other people’s religous beliefs unless they are harming someone else.

    I think having an anti-christ president is a step in the right direction for this country.

  • kbrock86 says:

    It blew be away to hear what Oprah had to say about God! I starting to think our world is full of Anti-Christs! I agree I think that is awful to boast about what you do for others, the Bible says its wrong. But she wouldn’t know that I guess. We need to pray for her! 🙂

  • says:

    Ooooooo…you said bad about Oprah. I’m not sure you are allowed to do that.

  • Edward B. says:

    When people start calling Obama the “Messiah” and the “Pope of Hope” it frightens most normal-thinking people. There are even websites devoted to Obama that call him the “Messiah”.

  • It's That Guy says:

    I think the whole concept of the ‘antichrist’ only exists so people can call someone that they don’t like the ‘antichrist’. During the first Gulf War, Pat Robertson declared that Saddam Hussein was The Antichrist. After 9/11, even though Robertson agreed that America -deserved- 9/11 because of our acceptance of homosexuality, still he decided that Osama Bin Laden is The Antichrist. Apparently he believes it’s whoever he hates most at the time. If (when) Obama becomes president, Robertson will make a speech like he made when Clinton was elected, about how ‘liberals’ want to put Christians in concentration camps. And Obama will have his turn being The Antichrist.

    But I agree with you. Oprah is more evil than the rest of them.

  • Holy Cow says:

    Obama is a real person and so is Oprah. They are not characters from a middle eastern fable.

  • Holli says:

    Neither of them are. There are certain things that the anti-Christ will have. It’s in Revelations (last book of the bible)

  • Mel says:

    lol.No she is a woman and way too old.

  • Tommy B says:

    Obama is against Christ, so I guess he is technically “anti-Christ”, but I don’t believe he is THE Anti-Christ that Revelations warns of.

  • Lilith D says:

    The anti-Christ is a fictional character so I do not believe either of them fit the bill.

  • rosi l says:

    Some people and you need to dust off your Bibles and read!

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