Spiritual Abuse: What Are The Signs? 2/7

, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world.” (1st Jn 4:1) TAGS: Spiritual abuse, manipulation, mind control, brain washed, cults, hypnotism, God, Jesus Christ, Christianity, Gospel, salvation, faithandreasons, spiritual growth, healing, recovery, Benny Hinn, Juanita Bynum, Bishop Thomas Weeks, TD Jakes, Creflo Dollar, Taffi Dollar, 7th day Adventists, Apostolic Oneness, Holiness, COGIC, Pentecostal, Charismatic …

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26 Responses to “Spiritual Abuse: What Are The Signs? 2/7”

  • FaithandReasons says:

    Glory to God. Thank you for viewing these videos. I am glad to be of service to the saints. God is blessing us with more discernment in these last days.

  • holyghostrider says:

    i like what i have seen of your videos. i agree with your efforts to help the body recognize false doctrine and prophets.
    thank u

  • holyghostrider says:

    not trying to be rude but all she said was”Misuse” 1 cor 14 tells what is appropriate.

  • robdmccoy says:

    Man you was hittin everything just right until you came to speaking in tongues and laying on of hands. Mark 16:17 says these signs will follow those that believe. Speaking in new tongues, casting out devils, laying on of hands,etc.

  • LUVJONZ99 says:

    Thanks for sharing this information. I have worked for spiritual abusers in corporate america who were leaders in their churches. Actually spiritual abuse is so rampant now in life in general — everyone is seeking power but not by working harder but by working smarter.

  • wonderful504 says:

    Feminist movement is really Satan’s attempt to destroy the head of the family which is the man. Just as Satan first came to Eve during the garden of Eden tricking her and Adam which led sin in the world, he is still using the same method to destroy man through feminist movement.

  • baby287girl says:

    thanks, i have been through this and plan to never go through it again. now that i recognize the signs, i can avoid it!

  • FaithandReasons says:

    “Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6)

  • Tamoharadasa says:

    Our Hare Krsna movement is currently reling under the assualt of just such a power elite of persons who claim th power to deliver their disciples from hell!
    A.C. bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada is atrue savior like Jesus, within our own ancient prophetic tradition, but these wannbes are abusers, we have suffered a holocaust of spiritual and physical abuse, but we original disciples are trying to save Iskcon. We have ben cast, out 95% of us, by demonic godbrothers posing as sri gurus.

  • FaithandReasons says:

    *shaking my head* WoW. That is a common experience. This one leader said that I was an undercover witch & that I would come in the “church” summoning demons during praise & worship. lol

  • FaithandReasons says:

    That would be a blessing to many! God bless you~

  • laura686979 says:

    i think ill post a video response to back up what your saying from my experiences if it helps others then praise god..

  • laura686979 says:

    oh yes also there is a book called churches that abuse. i did quite a lot of research after i left the church back in 1991 i was there from 88-91 and like what you said i was told that i was a witch. the leadership said they had a dream of me casting curses over the leadership.( which of course was totally untrue)

  • laura686979 says:

    ohh thanks god bless you sister

  • FaithandReasons says:

    Oh I’m sorry, the BCOC is the Boston Church of Christ

  • laura686979 says:

    may i ask what BCOC is? thanks im glad that helps you god bless you

  • FaithandReasons says:

    I am happy that you enjoy this video series! Maranatha Campus Ministries & the BCOC are known for spiritual abuse & authoritarian leadership. Thank you for the book reference, such information is a blessing!~

  • laura686979 says:

    these videos are excellent and totally true and informative. i was in an abusive church system 21 years ago called maranatha campus ministries and 99 percent of what she has said happened to me. also the boston church of christ does this too.. great video will listen to all of them. there is a book you can read called spiritual abuse too god bless you sister

  • SpiderFan1962 says:

    At 4:56-about 6:00, I can hear the emotion in your voice. I too have felt the stigma of “you’re not holy enough.”

    Thank you for posting these.

  • rhart123 says:

    I got that from a lot of people when I left an abusive church. People with no understanding of what it was like kept telling me to “just get over it!” Healing from this kind of experience can take a long time, and it is really insensitive to tell someone to just get over it.

  • bhffavordiva69 says:

    Thank you for stepping up, speaking the truth, and exposing this which is going on more than people want to admit. Continue to cry loud and spare not. That’s why it’s so important for believers to really know the word of God for themselves. Thank you again

  • FaithandReasons says:

    The Bible defines Believers as The Church, so it’s impossible to go where I already am. But I fellowship w/Believers daily.

    Take Care

  • carbin15 says:

    Do you still go to church?

  • FaithandReasons says:

    I’m just focused on following Christ.

  • carbin15 says:

    i can tell you stop going to church anymore.

  • Provender says:

    A lot of great information on spiritual abuse here. One thing I’d add, though, is that not all abusive church leaders rely on prophesies rather than the Bible. Sometimes the twisting of scripture is very subtle. Our abusive pastor went verse by verse, chapter by chapter through the Bible. There was no external prophecy or visions or anything like that, just a very subtle misuse of scripture. For example, when one member started questioning the leader about abusive practices, the pastor veered from a New Testament passage to Numbers to liken questioners to people like Miriam who questioned Moses’ authority and got leprousy. Elitism, authoritarianism, harsh treatment were all there.

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