State of the Church – Ted Wilson

State of the Church – An important message to the Church for a revival among the members by Pastor Ted Wilson. Category: Preaching Host: Ted Wilson Productio…
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4 Responses to “State of the Church – Ted Wilson”

  • Stop Doing Abortions says:

    Thanks for this video…. May God bless as we seek revival and repentance!

  • Henry Mwewa says:

    This is a powerful message. The loss of identify is surely visible in some
    of our member and lack of the spirit to b involved in missions is also
    there. May God help me to do my honesty part……

  • johnuk04 says:

    a very much needed message. praise God for it. may it be heard many people
    and may it be a blessing in these very dangerous times

  • God Revelations says:

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