Steady Gleaners’ quilt (top)

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Steady Gleaners’ quilt (top)

A red and white quilt made in 1894 by the Steady Gleaners, a group of women affiliated with the Presbyterian Church of the Redeemer, Deseronto, Ontario, possibly with the aim of raising funds for missionary work. This quilt may have been made for such a purpose. The signatures of the women in the society are embroidered onto the squares of the quilt.

On this half of the quilt are the following names:
Miss Mary Huff
Mrs G. Gordon
Ella Pegan
Mrs G. A. Grant
Mrs Joe Hopper
Mrs Wm. Geney
Gertrude R. Craig
Aggie Elliott
Mrs Mackie
Mrs A. D. Macintyre
I. Thornton
Mrs C. Forrester
Mrs R. Anderson
Ira B. Anderson
L. Smyth
Mrs R. Geddes
Mrs F. McMaster
Mrs J. M. Denmark
Mrs A. G. Knight
Mrs J. Buter
Clara McClain
Mrs C. Bennett
Mrs J. T. Garmon

The lower half of the quilt has further names.


Early twentieth century postcard of Presbyterian Church and Manse, Deseronto, Ont. Published by The Heliotype Co. Ltd., Ottawa.

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